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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 4:32AM :

No religion or political philosohpy that results in the death of children is worthy of spit. Take a passle of four year olds and you could make any one of them believe in any religion or be of any group you wanted to. take them one by one and cajole and frighten and tease and bribe and scare them and you can make a Chinaman out of an Englishman or any other combination you's care to name. Leave them all together and simply present the ideologies of all the religions and systems and see if they don't choose more wisely than they will as adults, after indoctrination.

None of these religions or ethnicities are sacred or inbred...we make people into Assyrians and Arabs and Muslims and Jews.

Give me any kid...I don't care what...and I'll make him any religion. As the Jesuits say..."Give us a child before he is ten, and we have him for life".

Realizing that...that we all start out as children at the helpless mercy of our parents and teachers and preachers and politicians...should make us all think twice before we declare our hatred for any other adult...who was once as helpless and defenseless as we unable to crawl out of a crib and refuse indoctrination as any one of us was.

How, in the name of all that is holy, have we now come to making war on children DIRECTLY? We wont even bother to let them grow up...a Muslim child is a potential enemy, a Christian or Jewish one as well...then why not indeed kill him or her before he or she grows and does real damage, and spawns even more? This is what BOTH sides and all three and four sides have now escalated to...and none more so than this United States that had such a promising start.

Can a man who is willing to kill a child because it belongs to "them" ever be a good parent to his own child? Can Americans conduct and condone the amount of violence they have visited on so many people...return free to their own countries untainted and not haunted by what they did...and will it not carry over to the way they treat their own children?

When Henry Layard was on his way to Persia he stopped off in Montenegro in the Balkans where East meets West, Christian confronts Muslim. He had a letter of introduction to the Bishop there and spent a pleasant evening at his palace. Late that night they were called to the Church door by the arrival of several men whom the Bishop knew well. They were of his flock and had returned from a raid on Muslim villages along the border. To Layard's shock they produced the severed heads of several young children...Muslim babies whose heads they had just cut off. They asked the Bishop for his blessings for this night's good works...and he blessed them.

After they had gone Layard expressed his shock and disgust. How could the Bishop have blessed such a barbaric deed. The man said he had no choice...they expected it, and besides they would just do it anyway...and the Muslims did the same etc. It probably never crossed the Bishop's mind, or the Mullah's that they were responsible for poisoning the minds of their followers from birth...teaching them "hatred" in and around all the religious blarney.

There is no justification...none at all, for starving "enemy" children to death...or for dropping atom bombs on sleeping infants. The people who do these things will reap the whirwind...they can call the whirwind "normal" or "Life" if they want to...but look around and around all the hugging and the word "love" used to sell product and the purple dinosaurs dripping sugar and sweets...there is a cold and ugly tint to it all...a dismal dreariness that is difficult to see sometimes like water is hard for fish to see because they live in it. How many more drugs and lies and evasions will Americans be able to tolerate...what will the next dysfunctional generation have to do for Kicks just so they can get through house payments and car payments and tuition and retirement?

Malcolm X was right...America's chickens have indeed come home to roost. America is the most violent nation on earth bar none. It exports its violence and reaps even more of it at home. No amount of counsellors, or drugs, or diversions will halt it from the inevitable end to this sort of living....the only hope will be the conscience and courage of a few of its always begins with a few.

It wont be the ultimate fix...but it may avert a serious melt down...and maybe, just maybe, it will result in an examination of what makes life meaningful, and if it can ever regain dignity after you've starved a child to death because its mother was an enemy of yours...when she never was.

-- pancho
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