Me and Jackie In A Field, at night, and alone

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Friday, March 01, 2002 at 4:04PM :

Jackie's Club, there seems no other way to describe it, is in a more rural part of San Jose out by the mountains that keep us from the Pacific. A couple of nights ago I drove out there to pick up an application. I want to join.

I pulled up just as Jackie drove one of her Benz' into the long driveway ahead of me. She pulled into their garage while I stopped at the top of the drive, engine running, lights shining down on her. She should know my car by now, a full sized Suburban with tinted windows. The car is a little ominous at night, in a field, alone with Jackie and her sissy mini suv.

She paused a bit then went inside. Soon the lights came on and I moved forward to park in their lot. I could see her peaking out the window wondering what would come next. I had visions of the San Jose Police showing up with armored personnel carriers to protect the Jackster. I wasn't about to go in there with just her there alone. You can imagine what she would have claimed then. I sat and waited for others to show up. There was a meeting of their executive council that night.

Soon another car pulled up and a man went inside. Now HE started walking casually by the windows inside and looking out at my car. Another car showed up and a woman joined them, and now all THREE were casually walking by the windows. After half an hour I approached the front doot and knocked. Jackie's voice asked me in. As I approached the door I'd noticed a huge banner hanging from the garage with "WELCOME...COME AND JOIN US"...or something friendly like that. I felt at home.

I entered their clubhouse to find the three of them seated at a table. Introduced myself, said I'd come to join them, like the sign said, and could I get an application. The Jackster said they'd received my letter asking for one, and they'd send one to me soon. Said I was there already, so why not hand me one I could fill out and pay my dues. She said they'd get in touch with me by mail. Said I had one in the car and why didn't i just go get it and leave it off with the cash. She said they would soon be contacting me. Told them as a non-profit they should not discriminate. She said they would be mailing me real soon. As the other two said nothing, there didn't seem much point to the conversation so I left.

Some of their members are wondering why I want to join if I am suing them. They probably think I want to drink blood or ruin their Mother's Day picnic. The problem is that the Jackster has told them whatever she felt like and who's gonna argue when they all know what she did to ME, although they don't know the "why" of it.

I want to sell sculpture for one thing, cause I have this thing about feeding my children. I also need their support to get the Shumirum to San Jose. I know many of the people there, and many like me just fine. I've given the club sculpture and been on their TV show many times.

The whole point is that Jackie acted on her own and for strictly personal all our Grat Leeders do and then cover themselves by saying they represent US. By not informing them that their club would be liable, she openned them up to legal troubles. They never had a chance to vote on anything, they didn't even know what they were facing, what Jackie was doing and the real reasons behind her sudden rage. She was the one risking their very existence, not me. I just wanted justice, a fair chance to answer their questions.

They have a clause that might enable them to deny me membership. If they use it, I will file a formal protest with the Sec of State and anywhere else i can. In this country, you are presumed innocent till proven guilty. There is no proof anywhere that I am a trouble maker...not the way Jackie presents it. I caused her personal trouble by refusing to go along with her weird desires...but that doesn't mean I caused Assyria any trouble.

If her club members are wise and really care for the welfare and budget of their club, they will play fair. The Jackster's term as president is up soon, and I seriously doubt she is going to waste much more of her time with them...she has bigger minnows to fry.

And who do you suppose told John Nimrod and urged him to call Narsai? And who might yet call the San Jose Arts Committee and "warn" them about me. Tell them I am a troublemaker etc? Just four months after she was supposedly working "Zo hard" to get the very same statue to San Jose.

At the meeting I attended I was introduced as the artist and mention was made of the fact that the committee heard ONCE from Jackie way back in April, four months before the convention, and though there had been "sporadic contact" with her after that...there had not been any follow through till I showed up.

Xactly my point all along. For personal reasons having to do with the fan tods and a "woman scorned" the Jackster decided all on her own that San Jose did not need the Shumirum, though she kept me running around for four months and told us all she was working that considerable ass of hers off to do us chitlin babies this favor.

note: The Jackster reads here several times a day...say hello to her sometime.

-- pancho
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