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Posted by Rolf Dusseldorf from ? ( on Friday, March 01, 2002 at 4:39PM :

Before you know it August will be here and Assrins all over the country will take a break and gather in solemn procession to honor all Christians killed by Muslims. They will once again ignore all the Christians killed by Christians. To recognize them would be to hurt the franchise...to impugn the purity of Christianity...which really knows how to kill...and get away with it

This is the grossest injustice and hypocrisy yet, of a long line of distinguished lies and hypocrisies we commit daily.

How in Ashur'a name is it believeable to cry over Assyrian Christians killed 50 years ago and 150 years ago and 1,050 years...while turning our backs on the Assyrians killed in the last 50 years...the last 12 particularly...right up to the very day they will be celebrating?

This is "Hatred for Muslims Day", a day to pas on the hatred to our young by dragging them into church by the hair if necessary and filling them full of loathesome details...all of them easily matched by Christian atrocities they will never hear about...and not the commeoration for killed Assyrians they've been billing it as all these hate filled years.

The Jackster told me once that she and I both knew the whole thing was crapo...but Fred, she had said..."let's USE it". I wonder if she'll have her "bash" again this year? I loved her fancy program of last year where she listed the conferences and topics and speakers. She is such a classy dame. I mean just plain "lunch" wouldn't do for the Jackster. She had a seminar on "Raped Young Girls" just before lunch and another one, "Their Dismembered Brothers" after lunch. And lunch!!! you goitta admit no one else would have advertised a "Champagne Brunch" in between those two "fascinating" topics. No one can weep and then sip booze, only to weep again, and on cue, like the Jackster.

What a classy broad.

-- Rolf Dusseldorf
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