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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 4:20PM :

In Robert Lacy's book,"The House of Sa'ud" he lets drop the reason for all the interest and concern over Saddam and terrizm and bases in Saudi Arabia. It should come as no surprise to anyone. In 1946 during the War there was an oil crisis when the United States realized it was doling out 61% of the oil the Allies needed to conduct the war effort. At that pace they reasoned they were losing their own reserves at the rate of 3 to 4 % a year. Didn't take much brains to figure out it would be best to use someone elses oil.

I have a Jewish friend...well why not, most of you have a Jewish God....who maintains that the United States only very reluctantly supported the Zionists in their claim for an independent homeland in Palestine. I find that statement hard to swallow.

At no time in their awful treatment at the hands of Christians had the Jews of Europe or America seen their fortunes sink lower. I don't see how people who were not allowed into white Christian neighborhoods or country clubs. who were discriminated against in any number of "gentleman's agreements"...who couldn't even prevail upon the American government to take in a boatload of Jewish refugees destined to be refused everywhere and returned to Europe for slaughter...who had been unable to get Roosevelt to bomb the killing factories in Poland to stop the slaughter of innocent Jews...how they suddenly had the clout to compel the United States to do what it "really didn't want to do".

Claiming that the Americans and Europeans were 'appalled" at what the Jews had suffered in those few years was sheer nonsense...and the position that the Jews had an "ancient" claim to their Holy Lands wouldn't have worked for the Seminole Indians who still have in their possession a treaty signed by Congress promising them all of Florida. Any New York Jews want to move out of Miami Beach and give the land back to the rightful owners who not only have a "historic" right to their Holy places...but a treaty signed by the government of those lands as well...something the Jews didn't have? Of course not.

In tearing up the written accord Roosevelt had signed with Abdul Aziz Ibn Sa'ud a few weeks before the American president died, promising to present the Arab view as to the creation of a Zionist state in Palestine...Truman said he had plenty of Jewish constituents, but no Arabs...and gave his blessings to the creation of Israel. In his awesome simplicity Ibn Sa'ud had said that the Germans should be the ones to suffer seizure of property and confiscation of lands to compensate those they had harmed. Why take lands from and hurt the Muslims of Palestine who'd had no part in creating the conditions under which the Jews of Europe, no less, had been persecuted and robbed? Instead, as after the Afghanis defeated the Russians, America gave aid to the Nazis and the Russians instead of helping those who had helped them... rewarding those who had been sworn enemies. Truman's partner in his haberdashery business had been a Jew...but that doesn't explain it either.

If the United States had been alarmed back in '46 at the outflow of its own oil...and if there were no Arabs among the constiuents of the American president, but plenty of Jews...and if the Jews of Europe and America were more familiar to Americans than the Arabs of the desert who at that time were still unspoiled by Western influence...then it would have stood to reason to support the installation of what would turn out to be a dependent client state and agent in the midst of those oil fields that we can now see were the cause and still are of countless murders.

Only one thing remained to be done to make the equation complete...make Islam and Muslims and "Arabs" into villians...demonize them and split them among "good" Arabs and "bad" Arabs...decent "Islam" and aggressive Islam. Americans need to see guys in white hats against guys in black hats...that's as much sophistication and complexity as most can handle.

Now that "communist aggressors" has been played out, the stage was already neatly set for the Arabs to step into the odious limelight...which is why the West would never and will never put any Christians on top of oil wells...bad publicity will surely flow as the blood does. Wonder if that's why no one wants to talk about dead Assyrian Christian in Iraq and why Peter wont allow the mention of Assyrian Muslims on his site...we too are supposed to hate everybody in Iraq...and we do.

-- pancho
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