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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 4:47AM :

In Reply to: NPR and Poland posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, March 01, 2002 at 11:38PM :

I was thinking the same thing as I listened to that just now. You can see what this protection racket is all about...and we are the dummies they have to we'll okay the purchase of anything they dream up to "save" us.

After the First World War when the German government investigated the Krupp family (The Arms of Krupp, W. Manchester)...they came to the startling realization that the Krupp corporation not only had salesmen all over Africa selling weapons to all sides...they even had paid agents whose task it was to start wars. Makes sense doesn't it? Look around you.

They even determined that in selling to what would turn out to be "enemies" of Germany, such as England and France...the Krupp company made so much money off of each dead GERMAN...cause the bullets that killed the dumb bastard also came from Krupp. So Krupp would make money no matter who died or lost.

Krupp built Hitler's armaments and we learned the lesson but good.

Remember...there was no reason at all for the United States to pick a fight with Vietnam, none at all...they even lied to us to get us to go along. Vietnam was a country thought to be weak enough to allow the United States to fight there as long as corporate profits and the American conscience and stupidity would allow them to. They NEVER wanted to win the damn war...just prolong it enough to maximize profits...and yes they "cried" at all the body bags and put their hands over their hearts etc. Fortunes were made...just like they will be again if Bush can convince us to take on Terrism whenever and wherever he says it exists...and the dead will mount, who knows, maybe even that dear youngster of yours sitting by your side today...and the profits will baloon and you'll get a twenty five cents an hour raise...maybe more.

-- pancho
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