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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 4:07PM :

In Reply to: Letter From Janey Golani posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, March 02, 2002 at 4:23AM :

>>He never told you to get out. You did not sign a contract that was voted on
in a General assembly meeting when all the other artists did. He was only

+++You may have copies, and I have an original. No one is saying the other artists were not given the contract and did not sign it. You sent the contract to the others in time for them to return it to you. You never sent me one, but waited till the last night to hand it to me...five minutes after I uncovered my pieces and sold the first one.

The other artists did indeed sign a contract agreeing that they were not to sell anything, just display their work. But then why were they all selling, and why were there price tags on their works? If indeed they believed that you wouldn't allow them to sell any works...why did they come, and why did they have price tags ready? They told me themselves that no one had come by to enforce the contract...which would lead a sane man to conclude that the contract was not meant to be enforced from the beginning.

I was the only target of that contract, I was the only one who didn't receive it in time to protest OR elect not to come...I was the only one allowed to go to the trouble and expense of showing up, of dragging several bronze sculptures and pedestals in there for display, and I was the only one told NOT to sell or get out.

I was also the only one to have a sentence added to my copy of the contract the others signed, specifying that not only could I not sell, and not only could I not get supporters for the Hammurabi, the project you SO much wanted, but I was the only one told not to even mention the Shumirum or the Federation.

I could have kept that contract when Atour and Alladin and Fredrika and I were in that side room. Everyone told me afterwards that i was a fool not to have kept it...and it would have been easy to walk out of there with it...and show it later as proof of what you attempted to do. Who would have stopped me, Alladin...Atour? I left it there on purpose because we are going to ask you to produce that contract...and it will be a moment of truth, or rather Lies for you. Will you deny that there was a separate contract just for me, or will you produce it?

Atour told me, in front of witnesses, that the other artists had agreed to kick back a percentage of any sales to the Federation. That is a shameful thing on the face of it anyway...but it never happened. If you were so careful as to have them sign a contract agreeing NOT to sell...then let them sell anyway, where was the contract they signed agreeing to give the Federation a kick back?

And if all that is true, then you still have to answer the question why I wasn't given the same option...why Atour didn't offer me the chance to sell if I agreed to give the Federation a kick back. Did anyone else there sell a single piece for $5,000.00 at ANY time during that convention, or any number of pieces worth that much? Wouldn't you have WANTED a percentage of that sale, and the others I would have made if you'd given me half a chance?

Yes, they signed, but the contract was never enforced, was never meant to be. That isn't the issue. The issue is that Atour singled me out in every way he could and lied when he needed to, as you are lying now.

The two things that have you worried the most are the welding of my sculpture and this contract nonsense...and just like the children you come with great bravado and dire warnings of a "surprise" in store for me. I can't wait.

Another wrote here that the contract was voted on in a "general assembly meeting". When? Up till three weeks before the convention Jackie was my best pal supposedly. Did you guys have a meeting in those three weeks? If you had the meeting before the Jackster got her knockers caught in a door, how would that explain that she and I had agreed on which sculptures to show AND sell. And if your statement is true it still doesn't explain why you allowed the other artists to sell, or why you had them bother with a contract at all if you had no intention of enforcing it...and the minutes of your meeting should reveal just how, when and who voted on this contract. On top of which there is the question of why you waited nine days after drafting the contract to hand it to me, on the last night of the convention. Did you think to have me in such a bind that I would give in? And why WOULD I give in...why would I stand there humiliated, my mouth taped shut and all for the privillege of showing my sculpture to people who want your sort of leadership? Are you DAFT!!!

We will ask you for the minutes of that meeting...they have to be made available on demand because you are a public non-profit agency. If the Federation did indeed have a hand in that contract, then the Federation is liable as well. But I suspect that, as with the Jacksters Club, there was no meeting at all, no vote, no got together and leaned your pointy heads together and came up with that contract...and the fact that it is legible at all is due to the Jacksters good command of the English language and poor command of everything else.

You yourself and Atour told me that Ford did the work...he even bragged about it, about how good the technicians are and he also offered to have them weld the monument, if it needed it !!! Then you came telling people you had admitted to lying about it already. Are the two of you really prepared to say all of this under oath? John thought he could get away with it until we showed him the letter from his wife to me saying he'd known about the whole thing, even though he'd been telling everyone from Detroit to San Jose that I was lying. As soon as he saw that letter he folded. I have no letter like that...but will you commit perjury too?

You said it was really done by a neighbor who dragged the wedling equipment over to your garage from his why the hell would he do that when it's a lot easier to take the three models to his garage? And all you've managed to do is make liars out of yourselves again and get this "neighbor" in trouble, for I want to know who he is so we can charge him as well.

You are making things worse and worse and keep telling me that is what I am doing. We will see. You have all done your worst've shot your wad. I've only just warmed up.

-- pancho
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