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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, February 17, 2002 at 4:38PM :

...just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco is Lucas Valley. It's where George Lucas built his little empire that keeps striking out. It's the place back in the 60's where bored couples were arrested and tried for "wife swapping"...before it became old fashioned.

It's a pretty place, lots of mountains and sea and tidy and expensive homes in cute to gorgeous neighborhoods. It's also where a "family" consisting of one Black man and four or five wives and several chaildren lived in a modest home on a tree lined street.

They were arrested last week when a nineteen month old child was taken to the hospital with bones as brittle as dust. The child had been starved to death. The surrounding countryside was up in could any parent or group of them live in a house and watch a child starve to death in front of their eyes?

Starving children cry...they moan at night and rock themselves to sleep in agony, waking with a start every few minutes. They get grumpy and disagreable...but if you beat them regularly,or sexually abuse them, they will usually just huddle in a corner and whimper to themselves. Then they get too weak to do even that and they just fade away front of everyone.

This story wont spread across the country as it once would have done...Americans are used to this sort of thing. But it has to result in some indignation and charges will certainly be brought and everyone who was outraged at the tossing of a dog into traffic will find some small part of them rising in revulsion at the deliberate starvation death of an infant.

Malcolm was right.

-- pancho
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