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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Monday, February 18, 2002 at 7:23AM :

GOOD job jeff , well Done.
But I liked the old collor better !
See , Blue is A Jewish collor and my faver !
See I love Jews they are my cousins, but I don't like what they did , doing , and will do !
Please don't Do , let your neighber Do , even though if he is An Arab !
See , even he is a cousin too !
even the Dark Irish the Dark Scotish is A cousin Too !
After All we Are All cousins ! even those lousey Assyrian Christians !
May be one they when the lovely cousins the Jews and The sweet Cousins the Palestinians stop Screwing each other !
Pancho And I , we will give a Reunion Party ,
See Back in those Glorious Days In Sumeria we were All united , till that renegade Cousin Abraham took of !
May Ashur forgive him for all the Damages and crimes that he comit , even though by giving his sister and wife to that son of a bitch ugly Pharo!

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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