Worrisome Shortage Of Radical Muslims

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Posted by pancho from pool0357.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 12:05PM :

The West is set on a determined pogrom...excuse me, PROGRAM...of radicalizing Muslims. We're going to need more and more of them if the Christian Right is ever to get its way...same thing Sharon needs to "grow" Israel.

We're forcing radical Islam to expand at the cost of those wishy washy moderates who wouldn't give us the excuse to kill their children if their lives depended on it.

Supposedly the sight of American military forces swarming over Saudi Arabia "radicalized" Osama Bin Laden...guess who's back there swarming in greater numbers? We're going to reap the whirlwind for what we're now sowing...and that's just fine by our own Fundamentalists.

Born Again Christian Fundamentalism cannot sustain itself if it isn't fighting an enemy...usually that enemy is any other Christian faith...but it includes ultimately the heathen Muslims...and the dirtiest secret, the Jews themselves eventually.

Christian born-agains can only sustain themselves by knocking out the competition. There's no such thing as quitely minding their own business...not if they are to maintaion their own "faith". A Fundamentalist doesn't really believe...not in his or her heart of hearts...that's why they shout and prosletyze and get that glazed look in their eyes. The presence of any other person who refuses to be convinced, and is satisfied to live and let believe, is anathema to a Fundamentalist...because that person's unwillingness to be "convinced of this new and greatest truth" is a slap to the face of a Fundamentalist's fervent beliefs...which can ONLY exist if everyone either believes as they do, or is killed.

It's their nagging doubt, their sense of inner unworthiness as Humans first and then as Christians, that forces them to shout down their doubts by "convincing" others of their own cover story...that they REALLY ARE closer to God than you are. If you refuse to accept it...THEY can't believe it...hence your refusal to be won over is seen as a denial of the "truth" of their cover story...the image they fervently want to present that they are the REAL thing...when they're as phoney as can be. They are so determined because they MUST remove the doubt they see in your eyes...that mirrors back to them their own failure to be convincing...and they hate you for it.

These people are growing in popularity around the world in all three major murderous religions...precisely because there is so little of the charity and loving goodness in their hearts, feebly contained in each religion. It's bloodlust and greed and prejudice and a lack of self-worth that propels Fundamentalists who feel their shortcomings terribly because they fall so short of the mark of a true and therefore gentle believer that they must plaster over their inner doubt by removing YOU...the one who accuses them of being false simply by not being convinced.

We are creating a radicalized Islam...as the Israelis have labored mightily to create suicidal bombers and hate filled Palestinians...as the Eurpoeans labored for centuries to turn out Jews worth "despising". And we too will use these "radicals" as an excuse to stamp out the 'evil" we hope to make of all of Islam one day...not now...not now Trent and Jerry Falwell...not yet...wait a bit longer.

We're going to be like the wealthy person with bars on his windows living in fear of the world in a gated community. Americans will be in danger everywhere in the world...and our violent recation will only increase the loathing and contempt the world will increasingly hold us in. It's preventable...don't say one day..."why are they blaming US"?

Over 100,000 Koreans...South Koreans, not Northern ones...rallied in protest at American arrogance in the aquittal of two US soldiers who ran over and killed two Korean girls. It will grow and grow around the world. The Muslim world knows damn well this is a war against Islam...you may find your leaders and newscasters believable but the Muslim world doesn't. America has managed to buy off Muslim leaders...Egypt receives 2 billion to Israel's 2.8 billion...but that sits even worse with the population...one that will only become increasingly radicalized and "patriotic" and increase its religious "fervor" as things get worse...as they are supposed to do...as we are doing.

Erase the Infamy...put a muzzle back on religions...take away their tax exempt status...there's no need for it...let the faithful carry their fair share as the rest of us do...this mumbo jumbo from the Dark Ages will undo us yet...we didn't stamp it out nearly as well as we thought we had. Get it before it gets us...there is no need for these wars against Islam...no need to get our oil at this price. We will pay for it in the end a hundred fold...we already are in military costs to keep "cheap" oil flowing. Factor in ALL the expenses and we are paying $100 a gallon for gasoline...almost all of it going to the pockets of corporations who only need to scare us first, then stand by to drain our wallets, college funds, savings and retirement.

get an education...leave school.

-- pancho
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