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Posted by pancho from pool0357.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 1:03PM :

... by my old high school, I suddenly remembered I was tossed out of art class and Spanish class there...suspended for "thinking" when I was supposed to be homeworking...and was later the subject of two attempts by two separate Departments of Sociology at two separate state universities to have me thrown out of their departments... That one prof flunked my term paper while another who reviewed it when I challenged the grade gave it an A+...and another prof offered me two "A "grades in two classes I was taking from him, upper diviison at that...if I would just stay away from class for the remainder of the year...that I began Sociology by challenging the first course, then had to get permission to take 36 units of Soc. classes in one semester, while working nights as a caretaker at a children's home...

I compensated for my woeful lack of education by studying art on my own at the Metropolitan Museum in New York...live in a Spanish speaking country and am probably still the youngest person in the United States, at 23, to ever have been granted a license to run his own live-in care facillity for jubilent delinquents, or get a grant from the Federal government to strand himself and six kids on a deserted island...and only got the license because they didn't know I left without a degree.

It was worth every minute.

-- pancho
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