Jackster and Shawn

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Posted by pancho from pool0156.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 6:41PM :

I dropped my counter complaint against Jackie and her little rascals cause I can't do this thing myself, long distance...besides it was costing the Federation a few thousand to defend their arse from what she brought about. A little was worth it...more than this isn't.

You guys can also hang this thing up with motions and potions...costing me time and the Federation even more money. But more than any other consideration was my eagerness to get to trial on Jackie's suit for two million against Jeff and I. As long as my counter-suit was plodding along...we couldn't get to Jackie's suit.

That impediment is gone now...only Jackster's suit is left standing. Now for god's sake don't go and drop it...and don't ask us if we want to "deal". We want a trial...by jury. You are suing us...we have a right to defend ourselves at trial. No summary judgement this time.

The worst thing that can happen is any kind of default...help us avoid one...for Jackie's sake.

If you guys promise to get us to trial quickly, I'll lay off Jackie. If you delay or drop it...I'll find a way...believe me...to spread her all over the place...all over again.

I'm shutting this forum thingie down soon. It served its purpose. If Jackie wants her name and private parts and her escapades kept off the internet...the world-wide internet...all you have to do for her is get us to trial. Give her what she asked for...what she paid for...what I'm assuming she wanted enough to bother...the chance to clear her name in public, at trial...as best she can.

You can thank me later for all the extra dough this will send your way.

-- pancho
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