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Posted by Paul Younan from ? ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 10:09PM :

In Reply to: Paul... posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, December 15, 2002 at 5:39PM :

<i>Rather, isn’t it ironic that the descendants of those who converted to Christ, went on to blame their own brethren through the centuries till they tried to kill them all in a Holocaust brought on by Christians…who could never forgive Jews for refusing to be swayed.</i>

Yes, it is very ironic and a very horrible turn of events.

I would only challenge you in saying that I'm glad none of our communities were responsible or involved in persecution of any other people or religious group.

You speak of the sins of European Christinity - but I reject that brand of Christianity - as all of our ancestors did, anyway. What did we ever do to anybody but ourselves?

<i>You see, it IS possible for converts from an ancient and original religion, to one day become the persecutors of whatever they can lay their hands on that reminds them of the older one, the source…the one they came from, the one they switched from. And that…dear fellow…is exactly what we’re witnessing today when our Christian Assyrians sharpen their knives to bring “security” to a Christian minority in Iraq…at the expense of all their brothers and sisters who converted in another direction…and why any of us professing a preference for Ashur are met with such hostility. No one likes to be reminded of their treachery…especially not when they were amply “rewarded” for it.</i>

Yes, this has repeated itself numerous times in human history.

<i>Certainly faith in Ashur was weakened by Abgar’s time…but that only explains where we are today…it doesn’t excuse it. Breaking faith reveals more about you, than it does about the faith you broke from. The noble, the proud Assyrians died in their faith…died defending Ashur,,,as Jews, Christians and Muslims are encouraged to die for their beliefs rather than abandon them. Those who denied Ashur …denied their essence as Assyrians. Which leaves us with the mostly bastard breed we have today…who can’t kill each other off, destroy each other, or get away from each other fast enough.

Self-loathing drives what remains of us…not pride.</i>

Except that I see that slowly changing with slow as it may seem at times.

Like I've said before I've personally learned alot, and have come to appreciate your point of view more and more.

I only wish that in your zeal you don't turn into the same type of creature you now rightfully criticize others for.


-- Paul Younan
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