The American Warmed Bottom

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 0:10AM :

New commercial for a Korean car touts heaters in the seat bottoms...shows a considerate mother on her way to pick up her's snowing outside...cold...mother turns on the switch by the passenger seat...after first having adjusted her own...mother pulls up to the school...sweet white girl around 14 gets in...has attitude...seems disgruntled with Life...the big know...war, disease, injustice, least you think that's what's troubling her...quick cut to scenes of the girl ice skating and falling on her butt several's cold don't you then realize that's where she came from, from falling all over the ice...where she got her attitude from...then, as her ass starts warming up...she smiles and turns to mother with a beatific smile of gratitude...all is well in America...their asses are warm.

Meanwhile we kill 5000 Iraqi children a month...and we're surprised the world wont coo and ooze all over us.

We are insane.

-- pancho
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