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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 4:44AM :

In Reply to: Who wants nominal Christians ? posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 4:40AM :'ll get your Christians back...what would we do with them?

+++ Who wants nominal Christians?
Especially faked ones like Paul wo tries to sell Christianity like sour beer because of its nationalistic appeals, fantasized origin and "Assyrian" blood ties.
His driving, nobel motive is "to give himself/yourselves credit".
Say it all.

+++ That clown is still going in the old Assyrian/Babylonian delusional circles like someone who has missed and fallen out of the human progressive evolution.
Just that I meant by "5000+ years of degeneration".

: The franchise is damage done...Christianity is safe and proven

+++ Real and true Christianity was never more endangered and abused than today.

: long as you boys promise, I don't know what, after people die, except to assure them whatever it is it will last forever and ever and ever and ever...and in the meantime they can be as mean spirited and murderous as your ancestors have been...begging (key word) forgiveness at the last moment before they shuffle this mortal coil off and shuffle off to Buffalo (don't bother).

+++ A true decription of NON-Christian approaches.

: An Assyrian is a rare find

+++ There is no "Assyrian" anymore.
Who exists today is a people who use this re-defined distorted term to show up and compensate for its feeling of utter weakness and deep woundedness from oppression and genocide.
This is understandable but not justifiable.

++++ They deserve everyone's solidarity and care.
But they also deserve to be held to realities and away from drifting in a nationalistic babbling parallel-universe which is seemingly aggrandizing them but in fact severs all remaining relations with the reality and weakens them like every phony nationalism does.

: ...go your ways in peace.

+++ The facts remain.

+++ As I will remain.

+++ In Peace.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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