Lying Maneuvers --- as usual

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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 6:24AM :

In Reply to: Heimlich Maneuvers posted by pancho from ( on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 6:11AM :

: Jesus was German...he had straight brown hair with blonde highlights...a straight light beard, blue eyes and a straight, aquiline nose. You can see that in any German painting. Everyone knows that. Many educated people who run German museums know that...I haven't heard any proof, but everyone knows that to be true.

+++ Only the Nazis claimed the Aryan decent of Jesus Christ (illegitim son of a Greek soldier on leave in Palestine ...)

+++ It's one thing to use an artistic expression to convey the note that Christ is universal human just by showing him in whatever physical appearance being best understood by to the local people. This not to exclusion of other symbolzations.

+++ But it is just another thing to purposely and wilfully claim him for one single nationality (the "Assyrian") thereby destryoing the very substance of Christianity (its universality) sacrificing it on the altar of some local national Assyrian idols.

+++ Capisci ?

+++ The Jews were not to claim him - what they are not doing anyway, but to build this genetical line for incarnation.

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