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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 11:12AM :

Flowering business

Within all arms ranges companies from the five
constant advice countries supported Iraq


The extensive information about the supplies and the
support of foreign companies, laboratories and
governments for the armament of Iraq since center of the
seventies-years in the report of Bagdad to the UN
security council is to remain after the will of its five
constant members under catch.

Even the procure-relevant parts of the report were
withheld from the ten not-constant members of the
advice - to those starting from 1 January also Germany
will belong -. With this decision want to keep the USA,
Russia, China, France and Great Britain their relevant
further secret, partially to responsibility for the armament
of Iraq, continuing today.

Therefore taz today the names of the companies from
the five constant advice states, which are specified in the
Iraqi arms report, publish as well as from companies
some the numerous other states, from which
parliamentarians and journalists announced themselves
in the last two days with the request for the appropriate
information to taz.

Foreign enterprises supplied construction units, for
example of a uranium enrichment plant, to the atomic
arms program of Iraq among other things. Beyond that
fuzes, electronics and spaltmaterial. Also Bagdad
received know-how and machines, in order determined
special parts for the A-weapon-program in the own
country produce. The moreover one Iraqi atomic
technician was trained abroad.

During the foreign promotion of the Iraqi C-c-und
b-weapon-programs it went primarily around the supply
of basic substances as well as around assistance with
the establishment from production plants in the Iraq.

The Iraqi Raketenprogrogramm received - after the
original supply of Scud rockets from the Soviet Union
gone down in the meantime - support from western like
eastern companies for the range extension of the Scud
rockets, for their assembly with atomic, chemical or
biological sprengkoepfen as well as for the development
of a new rocket generation. In addition vehicles were
supplied, which served as mobile launching pad for the

Within the conventional range the Iraqi regime from the
foreign country received complete weapon systems as
well as machines and plants for the admission of its own
production. Under the range "conventionally" also foreign
supplies are specified to the Ministry of Defense in
Bagdad as well as the structural establishment by
production plants with the lists of the companies (see
right on this side).

-- Tony
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