Helicopter parts and processor technology

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Posted by Tony from ? ( on Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 11:16AM :

Helicopter parts and processor

Russian and Chinese companies operated also
after the Gulf War of 1991 still direct arms
co-operation with Iraq

GENEVA taz Enterprises from at least two of the five
constant members of the UN security council - Russia
and China - also still operated direct arms co-operation
with the Iraq under offence against the relevant
resolutions of the United Nations after the Gulf War from
the spring 1991 and/or since departure of the UN
inspection teams (Unscom) in the middle of December
1998. Companies from the USA were possibly indirectly
involved in it. That comes out from the report Iraq to the
uncertainty advice, whose procure-relevant passages
are present taz.

In the case of Russia it concerns the three companies
Livinvest, Mars rotor and Niikhism. Livinvest prepared
1995 with the help of the Lebanese company Amsar
Trading the export of equipment and spare parts for
Russian military helicopters of the type M-17 into the
Iraq. This helicopter model belongs to the standard
equipment of the Iraqi armed forces. The Unscom
discovered ausweislich their internal documents
documents, which occupy the preparation of the export.

Whether the export of the Russian armaments finally took
place or not, comes out neither from the Iraqi arms report
nor from the Unscom documents clearly. The Russian
enterprises Mars rotor and Niikhism sold 1995
construction units for langstreckenraketen in April to a
Palestinian intermediary, who transported them at the
end of of July 1995 to Bagdad.

The Chinese company Huawei Technologies CO
equipped Iraqi air defense plants in the years 2000 and
2001 under offence against the UN sanctions with
ultramodern fiber glass plants. The company is from of
China leading enterprises in the area of the
communication technology.

In the year the US enterprises IBM and AT&T of
contracts with Huawei Technologies CO signed 2000
over the supply of processor technology, chip and
electronic switches as well as for the "optimization" of
the products of the chinesichen company. It cannot be
excluded at least that on this detour US-American
technology and US know-how flowed into the
improvement of the Iraqi air defense plants.

-- Tony
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