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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 12:05PM :

In Reply to: Re: Perle: If Germans Don't Support The War ... posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 12:00PM :

& when you're done w/ this, here's another website on Pat Robertson & the KKKristian KKKoalition (that bunch of haters):
Religious Right Attacks Volunteerism Summit Robertson Compares Effort to Nazi Germany
April 29, 1997


Communications Director 202-639-6370

(Washington, DC) Pat Robertson, head of the Christian Coalition, yesterday compared the National Summit on Volunteerism in Philadelphia to Nazi Germany.

In his nightly television broadcast of The 700 Club, Robertson said that the summit would result in forced volunteerism for children, comparable to the Hitler Youth movement and that soon "all the fraulines will be lining up to salute their fuhrer."

"This is yet another example of how Pat Robertson and the Christian Coalition are completely out of touch with the broad spectrum of people of faith," said Dr. Albert M. Pennybacker, President of the Interfaith Alliance, and a participant in the Summit. "The summit is supported by four former Presidents, political leaders from all over the political map, and people of faith from throughout the interfaith community. In fact, it is supported by everyone EXCEPT Robertson and other religious political extremists. His opposition speaks volumes about his true priorities."

"The Volunteerism Summit is a call to action for millions of Americans to help those people in our communities who need the compassion and support of their neighbors," said Dr. Pennybacker, and another participant in the summit. "The Christian Coalition has consistently supported policies that remove the government from the business of helping people. Now it appears that they are opposing the notion of community activism to help the helpless."

"Robertson's comments are completely hypocritical," said Denise Davidoff, Vice President of The Interfaith Alliance and Moderator of the Unitarian Universalist Association. "The Christian Coalition's Samaritan Project, while full of flaws, at least had the rhetoric of community activism. But with active opposition to a national movement towards volunteerism, we see what his agenda really is: the new packaging of the same narrow political agenda that cripples public education, demeans the poor and seeks to divide rather than unite all people"

Pennybacker and Davidoff were also joined by Reverend Dr. Joan Brown Campbell and Reverend Leonard B. Jackson from The Interfaith Alliance Board of Directors at the Summit. Mainstream religious leaders from across the country organized The Interfaith Alliance in 1994 to speak out against the divisive use of religion in the public sphere. TIA's goal is to ensure that alternative faith-based voice is heard in the public debate. The national grassroots movement now encompasses 111 state and local chapters and over 40,000 members.

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