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Posted by pancho from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 1:45PM :

Back in Mexico...now I have to be back for another shot at Jackie. I wrote to Shawn and told him I didnīt want many more trips up there...if she wants to win this one on default it will cost her privates all over again.

But thatīs old news. Iīm ending my involvement with the forum...gallery and stuff gone too. Iīll peek in every so often...but must get to work on a whole new set of sculptures.

I made my point as best I could. The Assyrian Heritage is a part of Iraq now, for better or worse. All the lamenting elsewhere helps the country not at all. We have a handfull of Christian fundamentalists and opportunists who will take every chance to cause the people of Iraq an injury, and their blood boils especially to get some Christians back there killed...a dead Christian in Iraq is something to appreciate...a dead Muslim is worthless. A dead Christian is one more martyr...one more corpse to drag before the Western Christian..."Mr. Mr., LOOK...another dead one!!!"

The Assyrian Heritage anywhere outside of Iraq just doesnīt exist. Even in America where once Narsai helped place Assyrian monuments to inspire our own young people and educate others...heīs now helping a Christian minority in Iraq...building schools in a war zone, while we bring the wars to them as well...we never learn.

Christian Assyrian beliefs, rituals, candlesticks, plaster idols and vestments are alive and well...the fact that we choose to call these things "Assyrian" just proves the point. Iīm going to continue making Assyrian sculpture for any Assyrians and non-Assyrians interested. Thatīs the best Assyrian thing I can think of doing.

Christianity, in all its dizzying array is safe and well...and likely to kill off any opposition...as it has been doing these last 500 years. There is a Christian Jihad stalking the earth, not a Muslim one.

No one...no one is thinking about anything Assyrian.

-- pancho
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