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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, December 23, 2002 at 2:54PM :

In Reply to: Indictments worry Valley Iraqi refugees posted by Tiglath from ( on Monday, December 23, 2002 at 10:36AM :

Get it into our heads...this is a war on Islam...this is a war conducted by the most powerful nation ever, also the most ignorant one ever...a dynamite combination. Itīs the White Manīs last stand...and for the near future Uncle Toms and Uncle Hannas will be welcome.

As if to underscore what I was saying about the futility and just plain moral ambiguity of "helping" those Assyrians the United States tells us we can...while starving the rest...comes news that the AAS has been in violation all along by sending money to Iraq...north, south, east, west and anywhere else we arenīt told we can. Seems you need a permit issued by the Federal government...even to send it to a third party requires permission and they never had any.

This is where Narsai makes the difference and Francis Sarguis has to write about things. A few weeks ago Narsai was at KCBS studios for a radio interview about the conditions in Iraq when he was told Nancy Pelosi had just arrived and would be on before him, as she was on a tight schedule. Pelosi was just elected to head the Dems in the House. Being old pals the hugged and what not...and when she asked how things were going, Narsai mentioned this permit business and how it had forced them even to suspend the monthly stipend theyīd been sending regularly (No...Francis, that doesnīt mean the money will now go to Narsai or me). This of course also puts a stop to any funds being sent for the school dorms.

The permit office told Narsai they werenīt issuing any permits kiss your "dear Assyrians" good-bye. Pelosi told Narsai Anna Eshoo was the one to contact but to let her know Nancy could be counted on for what help she could give. There are good people who understand what is going on...itīs just a tough time to be honest, decent, wise or Christian and especially Assyrian.

What if? What if no permit is issued...what if we can no longer send money to those cute children in the nothern corner of Iraq...what if they now have to starve like all the other Assyrian children have been doing all over the country? When someone tells you you need a permit to save childrens something wrong? Might these children grow up to be all the Commie kids who had to be killed before they grew up and had more godless Commie kids?

Iraq has all the wealth it needs to build school dormitories and feed itself...always did...always will. What it DOESNīT have is freedom from Oil company meddling. It would benefit us all far better to insist the United States stop toying with peopleīs lives (both here and abroad) and get off of Iraq and stop supporting goons and thugs around the world who can be counted on to be led by the nose.

-- pancho
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