Never Say You Weren´t Warned

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, December 23, 2002 at 3:24PM :

There are signs everywhere around us of what is coming. True to course and with our short attention MTVspan it´s easy enough to ignore. Now you know why some Jews stayed in Germany longer than others...they were the "privileged" Jews...the ones who thought they would be spared because they were successful...when they were exactly the ones most sought after.

If all Darkies banded together and marched and demanded this White Man´s effort to dominate us all, including women, who are the darkest of stopped right now...we could prevail. But we wont. What we will do is cringe and cower and try to fawn and flatter our way to safety...something that has never worked and even if it did, would make life unbearable and insecure...or should.

Voter registration...the real thing, would be one way. America still has a nominal democracy, but it is on the they usually are after some time. This could be the end of it, or it could be a call to arms to defend it for all of us who are about to be put on any number of lists. Democracy doesn´t mean the legal take-over of the government by Oligarchs, but that´s usually what happens. Our CEO´s no longer buy politicians, they become them.

If Bush isn´t voted out of office...if they manage to contrive some more terrorist attacks to bolster their position as your DEFENDERS...the jig is up.

America prided itself always on having no baggage...on being a new and freash and clean country starting all over...without all the European Old World stuff. Well they´re doing without much sense and humanity either. A big fat, bloated, spoiled, rich kid whose been living off the accumulated wealth left by ancestors who´d be the first to shoot this kid of theirs in the head if they could get at him.

A Bully plain and simple who´s been able to trick us all into going along. Who do you think is going to pay the ultimate price eventually?

I´m surprised I´m still out walking about.

-- pancho
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