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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Saturday, December 28, 2002 at 10:22PM :

In Reply to: Dear Paul Younan posted by Sadie, a.k.a. Lilly from D006148.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Thursday, December 26, 2002 at 12:06PM :

: I have heard that the Bibles that are translated into other languages around the world today are all translated from the English translation of the Bible. In other words, the original language text is not used to translate the Bible into the modern copies that are being read the world over now. Is this true? Or was I misinformed? & if this is true, do you think that this affects greatly the way that the Biblical text is perceived (as filtered through English language & culture 1st & then roughly translated into languages of cultures that are not the same) & it's accuracy of translation? Do you want me to clarify my questions more?

: Anyway, I just checked out your site, & it looks interesting. My dad has a copy of the Bible in Aramaic, & he always used to bring it along to church services to see how different the translations from the English Bibles were from his translation. They were quite different at times.

You and your father are right, So i raise my hat for both of you though i am not wearing it.
RIGHT-WING MAINSTAYS the Family Reserch council(FRC), the Christian Coalition, and Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (ATH) have urged their members to cease using the king James Bible, First published in 1611 by James I of England . It appears that scholars of the period are in agreement that King James might better have been named
Queen Mary. "James had a number of 'favorites', Such as the Earl of Somerest and the Duke of Buckingham, With Whom he undoubtedly had sexual relationships", Said bioggraher David Harris Wilson.
May be the bad translation or the irregularity of the English language made , Robert Ingersoll (1833-1899). At the zenith of his career to offere one thousand dollars in cash to any minister who would agree to read to his congregation , From his pulpit on a sunday morning , Passages from the Bible to be selected by the agnostic.Yes English Bible has butchered the Christianity, Just like our heritage(Assyrians)which is been butchered by bad Ass Brittish.

-- Gandhi
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