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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, January 01, 2003 at 7:25PM :

In Reply to: How Our Schools Create Sheeple posted by andreas from ( on Friday, December 27, 2002 at 3:24AM :

Wonderful. The children who do well in school, do so in spite of the place, not because of it. The few good teachers aren´t worth the accumulated harm, unless they give you the tools to basically reject the entire system, including them.

As the economy stagflates, and as the environment begins to pay us back...getting an "education" in order to get a job, will become a double moronic ox that will come back and gore you.

I had to slog through years of schooling convinced that these people actually cared about education when it was a business and they had jobs to keep. It took a lecture on the sociology of education to finally educate me, and I wrote, "thanks" in my blue book at the midterm finals and walked out of class, walked out of school, flunked the final two classes I needed for a stamp of approval and seal of good housepetkeeping...and am grateful to this day that I didn´t add insult to injury by getting their friggin diploma, just to prove, in writing, I was as stupid as I was.

I wouldn´t even go to art school because like all schools they really teach much more than the curriculum you sign up for...they teach you that they are teaching you...and that´s their biggest lie. If they knew anything, they wouldn´t be teaching in schools...especially in the Arts where you know damn well every one of them would far rather be so busy preparing shows and new works they´d have no time to "teach" what´s going to amount to another teacher...who will graduate, take one look at the world and decide he or she too desperately wants to teach...and they´ll go on from incompetant to impompetant until you get the dumbed down dummies we have today who, incidentally, are costing all of us more and more...for less and less...only we´re too stupid by now to know what "less" is...

To us, less has become is everything.

-- pancho
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