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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 03, 2003 at 1:24PM :

...where else. The below is a neatly fits into all their editorial points of view. It has one virtue...any African in America could say the same. Enjoy it anyway...and learn, please, to know when you´re being diddled...not ALL Christians pull down your pants first...

***Oh lord...his life is in "dander"!


Written by Özcan Kaldoyo on 03 Jan 2003 17:47:21:


Dear Sir/Madam

I am a citizen of the Turkish Republic,in the province of Nevşehir.At
the moment my life is in dander and I am forget to write this

This is How: I am an Assyrian.I will explain to you my family
history starting from the 1960’s .I do not know how
old I was;I was not even going to school yet.One day some relatives
of ours, Who spoke a language I did not understand, came from
afar. I asked my father about this language and he said it was
Assyrian. This was the first time I heard the word Assyrian.
In subsequent years, as I was growing up, my father provided
me with an explanation.

My grandfather and his family were oppressed because they were
Assyrians and christians and they had to migrate. As They did
not want to leave the country, they stayed in various districts
and provinces and finally they settled in Nevsehir, Where we
currently live .
However, until they reach Nevşehir, they were marginalized
in other places because they were Assyrians.

When they arrived in Nevşehir,in order to save themselves
from these inhuman prcatices, they hid thair real identities
and present themselves as Turks and Muslims and they managed
to survive this way.

I have completely lost my connection with my past ehen my grandfather
died many years ago and my father one year ago. Despite the passing
of the time, the community’s attitude towards other
races and religions have not changed. This is why ı
am stil known as turk and Muslim. Under this assimilation I am
living, ı was not able to learn my language and religion.

I am now married and I have one child I want my child to live
the culture of his race and religion so I am looking for ways
to learn about the Assyrian and Christian culture. The best source
for that is the İnternet. My search stil continues.
I think during this period some people managed to uncover my
identity. Although I hide my identity in my immediate environment,
a number of people belonging to an extremint religious regard
my being a Christian a threat for their own religion and threaten
me and family through e-mail and telephone. I was forced to deny
the truth and said that I did not opt for Christianity and that
their information was wrong.

If I reveal my identity or go to the authorities the truth will
come out and this organisation will physically attack me. If
one investigates he/she discover that on countless occasions
in the past,the authorities were not able to protect people.
Furthermore,İf one takes into account the realities
of the country I am living, after thisdisclosure it will be very
difficult to live here It is obvious that I will be the target
of a number of illegal organisations and people.

In Conclusion:

I cannot find the environment in which to live according
to my own religion,language and culture,in my own country.
I cannot reveal my own local identity and if I do,
I will lose my chance to live in the community.
I cannot freely practive my own religion and ı
have no opportunities to learn my own language. Up to now, I
tolerated this situation and inevitably self-sacrificed my human
An illegal organisation, which discovered my identity,
is threatening to kill my family and me

-- pancho
-- signature .

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