On Christian Virtues

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Posted by panch from customer-148-233-93-58.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, January 03, 2003 at 7:18PM :

Letīs clarify something that gets lost in the Vatican Shuffle...Christians did NOT invent kindness or generosity or decency or fairness or any of it. They like to act as if they did. When I said the last thing Assyrians needed was more Christian virtue, I didn`t mean to imply...or let any Christian get away with thinking, that Assyrians don`t need all of the above. But you can get that from Buddha, Zoroaster, a kindly Cannibal, Muhammad or none of the above. None of these virtues are the sole property of Christianity...obviously quite the opposite is true.

You know this thing about there being a REAL and TRUE Christianity for whose sake we have to endure all the self-righteous crap from all the rest of them...and therefore we should go easy on a religion that produces ONE decent person in ten thousand attempts...makes as much sense as a hospital presenting you with photos of the few patients who survived a particular procedure they are noted for...and asking you to ignore the ten thousand who died that same day...for the one they "saved". Those are hardly stats to take to heart...or the bank.

The Christian virtue...the one single one that I can discern, is that no amount of degradation on earth will disqualify you from heaven...in fact, the more spit you bring with you, the more the heavenly hosts will cluck and coo over you...the more of your pride, or family, or noble Heritage you`ve lost for "Him"...the more they`ll warm your feet...when the Devil should toast your soul instead. THAT particular virtue we don`t need more of...we`ve already earned a place at the head of the heavenly table where we`ll eat ambrosia for the first time in 2000 years...I only hope it wont taste like the shit we`ve become used to swallowing in copious amounts...for "Him".

-- panch
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