So What Really Happened With The Jackster?

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, January 03, 2003 at 7:38PM :

What got her shorts tied in knots...her boobles set to quivering...her hindquarters heaving? Just what DID I do?

You have to understand that Jackie Bejan is not a creative or original thinker. She goes where she sees others going...trying merely to outdo them...which means out spend them. Take her clothes...or don`t as I wouldn`t...she buys the most expensive stuff from St. John because that`s what`s safe, that`s what`s "in", that`s what "they" are buying. She goes to functions to see how others did it...then copies but spends more...something she hopes will dazzle us dummies.

There is a new Mercedes now...costs $500,000. Now you know she`s itching to get one...maybe two. This car was made just for people like her...who can never buy enough class...and who couldn`t cover one tenth of their glaring lack of the stuff with a million dollar car even.

Things went well enough till I started writing on forums. Back then Jackie used to write...very tasteful, insipid but inspiring least she thought they were. Once or twice she took it on herself to scold me mildly...suggesting I should be an "example"...I suppose as she thinks she is. When I didn`t take her advice...and when other people started yelping to her in private...I became "too controversial" for her to be associated with. Jackie is all about image, with no "there", there.

She had to break contact somehow...distance herself so people wouldn`t think she approved of anything I was saying...even thought I had some nerve writing at all..."go sculpt and leave the rest to me".

The other thing about Jackie is that she`s an ardent coward and back-stabbing over stuffed Tart who values her image so much she doesn`t think the shit shows through.

And so she just didn`t follow through on meetings with the San Jose City Arts Committee...just let the whole thing drop...and never told me until it almost cost us the Shumirum and watsed six months of my time waiting on her highness.

To her anyone else´s discomfort doesn`t count as much as her own...that`s because she`s careful to cultivate only those "friends" who see her the same something wonderful that fell from the sky...onto her butt.

On the tenth of this month we assemble once again in court. In all truth my own byzantine lawsuit was the hang-up till now...with that gone we can get down to the nitty gritty...which is her claim that by telling the truth about her based on hard earned experience...told openly and not behind her back, I defamed her somehow.

She isn`t a private citizen who woke up one morning to find her private parts spread all over the internet. She`s someone, another one...who sets herself up as an arbiter of who is and who is not legitimately Assyrian...this Armenian half-breed that`s glommed onto us because the Armenians would make a hat check girl of her. I simply told what I knew about her...what we shared...what she never thought I would reveal because after all...she did spend MONEY on my silly little pieces.

I don`t have a whole lot more patience...she`s suing Jeff and I for two million...fine, let`s get to court and give us the chance to defend ourselves while the Constitution lasts. Any stalling on their part will just make their lives more miserable. I want to move on..whatever the legal outcome...but only if she follows through and gets us before a jury quickly.

Otherwise all bets are off and she and Shawn can chase me round the world as I tell and re-tell the truth about her...I never made up a single thing that didn`t happen or wasn`t formed through my intimate knowledge of her and her ways. And I can prove court.

-- panch
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