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Posted by panch from customer-148-233-93-58.uninet.net.mx ( on Friday, January 03, 2003 at 7:47PM :

Had a patron ask me a while back what he and a group of likewise moderately well-heeled people could do "to help me in my work". I thought and thought and all I could really think of saying was..."give me the money I lack". He was offended, of course...not the answer he was fishing for.

What I was supposed to do was agree to defer to the wisdom of those who`d made money driving taxis or selling shoes or ice cream...who felt therefore qualified now...now that they had been "successful"...to advise me...which meant "direct me".

I didn`t spend all this time and effort to be directed by Nimrod, Golani or the Jackster...because while I was learning my craft the hard way they were selling widgets. Would they dare offer the funds for a hospital then tell the surgeons how to operate? Well...maybe.

I know exactly what to do to get us name recognition in America...know it better than anyone of them. I know Narsai well enough by now to trust him, above all the rest...and he knows enough to do the same. For the rest of it...yes, all I needed was money...the cheapest of all commodities, the one everyone loses eventually.

Unfortunately the Church doesn`t want that kind of recognition for us...doesn`t even want us close to getting off of our knees...and our leeders want no part of actually building anything...anywhere no one would stop them...but get their kicks instead by demanding Muslims build them a church...or else...oh yes, "we`ll take a bit your country as well"!

-- panch
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