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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 05, 2003 at 3:18PM :

In Reply to: Three Sisters From Hell posted by Paul Younan from ? ( on Friday, January 03, 2003 at 10:41PM :

: Judaism is a Mesopotamian religion, Christianity is reformed Judaism and Islam is reformed Christianity.

: "Sisters from Hell", or not, 3 billion people follow those religions.

***There is more room in hell than you would imagine.

Religions that are deeply rooted in Beth-Nahrin, and that are just as Mesopotamian as Ashurism or Mardukism is - whether you like it or not.

***No sir...that is an impossibility. Ashurism may have spawned them...but it sent its spawn elsewhere and never expected to be abandoned by those who stayed behind. You are "teaching" people to respect their origins...when neither you nor anyone else knows, or can define or cares to anything about their origins. Itīs as much of a mystery to you, or me or any of us just what Ashurism is...except you claim it "gave birth" to the others. Well apparently, as far as any of us are died giving birth...and thatīs just fine with you. We canīt expect Jews, Christians or Muslims to show more interest in something of ours...exclusively ours, when we have so little interest in.

***Iīm not ignoring the facts before my face. There are billions of people following those other religions...there may be countless children showing loyalty and respect to other parents...but what do you say to the kid who leaves his own, now impoverished home and family, to go "teach" the wealthier folks down the road...about HIS FAMILY? Teach them what rich they used to be and how poor and bereft now? To what end...for pity? The other religions were "built"...hand crafted by people...why not ours again? Ridiculous thought it isnīt? The accumulated nonsense in the other three is NOTHING like any nonsense in ours! Right?

: You want to ignore 3 billion people and not educate them about their religion's Mesopotamian roots? And you wonder why they (all three of them, some more than others) continue to attack their place of birth?

***I donīt wonder at all about that for these same people attack and kill each other. What I marvel at is how our own people can join in this they can pay for and wish for the preservation of Bethlehem over Nineveh...that is the puzzling part...or not so puzzling when you remember back to the kind of kid who goes teaching others what he knows hardly anything about...and cares nothing for...

: Are you nuts?

***Yes. I would have to be to even raise these issues. YOU be sane.

-- pancho
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