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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 05, 2003 at 3:38PM :

In Reply to: A"brilliantine" analysis by PeterBe posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, January 04, 2003 at 4:45AM :

: There are four reasons the U.S. might wage war against Iraq. By Peter Bet Jassim

: remove weapons of mass destruction

***There are none...none the US didnīt sell to Saddam and encourage him to use. Everyone there knows it...the UN knows spy plane or satellite or inspectors have found any signs of any...trumped up bull.

: liberate the Iraqi people

***People who murder you are not the best ones to liberate you also. Iraqis have been liberated of life, children, homes and wealth by the United States...more bull.

: secure the world's second largest oil reserves

***No need to secure it...just pay a fair price for the oil weīve been getting all along. Secure means Steal...some more bull.

: eliminate the financial backbone of the terrorist network

***The only terrorist network is in the United States. There is a network of people fighting back with whatever means they can manage to get...unlike those who manufacture the stuff and pay Israel to use it in order to make more business there. America needs to ask why people are "terrified" enough of it to take such drastic bull.

*** Four reasons Peter might be thinking like this:

1. He canīt manage to get anything and blames Islam for it. Consequently the sperm is backing up to his head were it soaks his brain in testosterone and Kool-Aid...not even Peter can jerk off that fast.

2. Peter hasnīt been able to achieve the rewards he thinks are his due and blames Islam for it.

3. Peter canīt give his poetry away and blames Islam for it.

4. Peter is Peter and blames Islamic terrorist financial networks for it.

-- pancho
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