God Gave This Land To Me...

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Posted by panch from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, January 07, 2003 at 6:50PM :

The 60īs flim EXODUS, from the book of the same title by Leon Uris. Good reading...good movie....Paul Newman never more gorgeous etc. Stirring music too...won the Academy Award that year for music. Funny how things change perspective in time...the film music had no lyrics but a version sung by Andy Williams or someone with a booming voice, made the variety shows on TV...very powerful words too...ending with a rising crescendo from something like..."this land is mine...god gave this land to me...and if I die...THIS LAND IS MINE!!!

Okay, okay. I figure if you buy a home legitimately..thereīs no need to go out on the lawn and yell...THIS LAND IS MINE!!! You wouldnīt do it after buying pants at Macyīs either...theyīre yours alright already...no oneīs going to take them from you if you have a receipt...no need to yell, THESE PANTS ARE MINE!!! Unless they arenīt or you arenīt quite sure.

The Zionists of Europe went to Palestine like someone owed them. Well actually someone did...they should have taken half of Germany...after all they suffered at the hands of those Christians. Muslims were traditionally the best friends the Jews had.

It must have been horrible for the refined Jews of Vienna and Berlin to be treated like vermin and rats by the Christian Nazis and Fascists. After the Civil War in America the one consolation white trash had was that at least they werenīt niggers and ex-slaves...there was SOMEONE even lower than them.

I donīt think any Palestinian minded having Jews as neighbors...they could have bought all the homes and lands they wanted...did at first. But they came there with probably the same racist attitudes the Europeans had towards darkies and Wogs and dirty Arabs.

Having just been treated like scum they turned right around and treated those they moved in among the same way...and all these years later they kill and maim and expand and steal land under pretext of terrorism...a terrorism they dilligently nurtured for years till it blossomed in the blighted hopes of generations of Muslims.

Somehow Arabs donīt count...like Jews didnīt. A dead Arab is no loss, in fact is one less...just the Nazi point of view. What a despicable thing Christians did...dehumanizing Jews to the point where they play the part of Christians themselves today...treating innocent Palestinians like...well like the German officers who were so outraged that any Jews dared defend themselves and fight back in the Warsaw ghetto. How did the Jews DARE not agree to be rounded up, robbed, shot and bulldozed!
How did they DARE fight a losing battle against tanks and Stukkas and jackbooted soldiers...how DARE they shoot back with pistols, hide in sewers, eat rats just to survive long enough to maybe take one or two Nazis with them.

Live and learn.

-- panch
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