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Posted by pancho from pool0245.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, January 09, 2003 at 11:51AM :

Okay...Assyrians practise REAL Christianity...others don't. Let's see what this real Christianity got them...what it gets anyone. Mind you, I take "Christian" to mean exclusively what is unique to it. Many religions, and many atheists, believe in kindness and feel love and compassion...these things are not Christian by any means. Neither is getting to a heaven or a hell uniquely Christian.

What makes Christianity so unique, I believe, is that the best spots in Heaven are reserved for those who suffer the most, who are degraded and spat upon on earth. That is a special and rare thing. Protestants could no longer abide it and their brand of the religion sees success on earth as an indication of god's favor...not his curse.

Jesus had just the thing for degraded slaves, or those who had the mentality and consciousness of same. You can see what Christ promised if you "truly" followed him...you get the cucifixion you all remind yourselves of by carrying that cursed instrument of torture and death round your necks, even putting it on your children's necks with smiles on your faces and joy in your warped hearts...just like you would had it been a noose, or a gas chamber, or lethal needle that did him in. This is barbarism of an exquisite type.

The problem with Christ's brand of Christianity is that it works...it gets you a life-time of degradation. We have to assume the promised reward is forthcoming, no one knows for sure. We all know the Roman emperors who embraced Christianity had no such notions. The value in a religion that ehorts you to accept degradation, to an Imperial system, can't be over-estimated. What a nifty idea Jesus gave Constantine.

We were "true" Christians...the get your ass kicked kind. And what do we have...here on earth? I'm sure our raped virgins with their missing fingers are enjoying eternity up there...but what of this year's crop of children? How will we manage to get their fingers chopped off so they can get a front row seat up there?

I'm being only slightly facetious because we've found other ways of wounding our children ourselves, don't need a nasty Muslim to do it...like making them HAVE to be ashamed of being Assyrian...not in so many words of course...but by our actions. Where the world wont martyr us and blight our children's futures, as anything but good approximations of white boys and girls...we do the damage ourselves...and nothing has facilitated this damage we inflict on ourselves more than Christ's dismal message that through being scourged and beaten will one know ultimately of god's love for...and get the reward so miserably earned.

Being a "true" Christian turns out to be more of a curse than being a false one.

-- pancho
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