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Posted by andreas from ( on Thursday, January 09, 2003 at 3:36PM :

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The following is a minimum extract of news Search Engines on the so called "visible" net.

The real stuff, i.e. the "unvisible" and "deep" net ressources, I'll give only on your identification.

My email address:


If you are still looking for news using "normal" search engines, stop doing it! You'll find the services below to be a much better way to search for the latest news stories from hundreds of sources on the web. These services provide exceptionally good results for current event searching, because they crawl only news sites and revisit these sites several times per day. Thus, the results are usually focused and timely.

Top Choices: General News Searching

AltaVista News

Powered by Moreover (see below), this provides access to a wide-range of news information, updated constantly throughout the day. A top choice. Use it rather than Moreover for keyword news searching, as the relevancy is better. However, if you want regular newsfeeds sent to you, then visit the Moreover site. (Updated 12/01) News

Lets you keyword search against content gathered from news sites across the web and which are revisited constantly, in order to spot new developments. (Updated 12/01)

Yahoo News

Stories from major wire services can be found here, while the "Full Coverage" area has special looks at various news topics, with outstanding resources assembled by the editors of Yahoo. A top news choice. (Updated 12/01)


Simple and fast, Daypop searches against thousands of news sites, as well as weblogs. The "cached" links for each listing brings up a copy of the page as seen by the Daypop spider. That's handy in case the original page no longer exists or can't be reached. You can limit your search to a variety of date ranges. Well worth a visit. (Updated 12/01)


Impressive news site that gathers headlines from thousands of sources, then groups them into nearly hundreds of news feeds. It's one stop shopping for virtually any area of interest. Keyword search for stories or sign-up to have headlines in key categories emailed each day or each week. (Updated 12/01)


Like Moreover (above), Net2One provides news feeds and keyword searching of news content from across the web. Editions for France, Sweden, the US and the UK are offered. (Updated 12/01)


Keyword search against news content gathered from across the web or choose to view news headlines by topic (these appear after you conduct an initial search). Another top news choice. (Updated 12/01)


News search engine that provides coverage from about hundreds of different sources. It also features a "virtual newscaster" called Ananova. (Updated 12/01)

Northern Light's Current News

Information in the index is gathered from various news sources, such as the Associated Press and Business Wire and kept for two weeks. Content is constantly refreshed throughout the day. Options include the ability to sort news by date or relevance, and to narrow searches to within predefined categories and timespans. (Updated 12/01)

Google Headline News

Aggregates top headlines from more than 100 leading English language newspapers into a single page, as well as grouping them into six categories: World, US, Business, Entertainment, Science and Sports. No keyword search capability. (Updated 1/02)

Google News Search Leaps Ahead
SearchDay, October 2, 2002

Google has dramatically enhanced its news search service, serving up a portal of real-time news drawn from more than 4,000 sources worldwide.

Other General News Search Sites

Keyword search or browse categories for news content from across the web. (Updated 12/01)


News meta search site that allows you to send a query to one or more news sites from one location. Hundreds of sites are listed, by country and by category. (Updated 12/01)

News Index

Indexes news stories from hundreds of sources, worldwide. The goal is to refresh the index once per hour. (Updated 12/01)

News Hubs

The places below aren't really designed to let you keyword search for news but instead tend to point you toward news sources.


Links to hundreds of sources of news and information, organized in categories. Major categories include news by subject, news by region, media type, opinion pages, and so on. Other categories point to resources helpful to news junkies. These include links to "cool tools," resources for journalists, kids and teachers, and a category that takes you "behind the news." (Updated 12/01)


Designed to help you locate and quickly access a wide variety of online news resources. From news wires to front sections of major papers to international news to government press releases, you'll likely find the link you're looking for on this page. Also links to streaming media news sources and a Speech and Transcript center where you can access the words of newsmakers verbatim. (Updated Dec. 2001) (

A guide to newspaper web sites around the world. (Updated 12/01)


A guide to newspaper web sites around the world. (Updated 12/01)


Aileena contains over 5,500 Links to newspapers, radio and TV Stations in 174 countries. (Updated 12/01)


Easy access to thousands of news sources, including more than 3,600 newspapers, 4,800 magazines and hundreds of television stations worldwide. (Updated 12/01)


In a compact format, InfoGrid provides direct links to major search sites and topical web sites in different categories. Meta search and news searching is also offered. (Updated 12/01)

Personalized News

CRAYON (CReAte Your Own Newspaper)

To create your "own" newspaper, simply sign up for a free account and select the sources you want to include. There are hundreds of online newspapers to choose from. You can also include specialized sources, with topics including politics, business, weather, religion, sports and so on. (Updated 12/01)


Scans news sites and weblogs and lets you create custom pages containing material from just the sources you select. (Updated 12/01)

NewsSeer: All the News that Fits You Personally
SearchDay, October 22, 2002

NewsSeer is both a straightforward news search engine and an adaptive tool that's constantly learning your interests to deliver personalized news tailored to your own needs.

News Alerts

CNN Breaking News

Be the first to know with an e-mail alert anytime there is a breaking news story at (Updated 12/01)

NY Times Breaking News Alerts

Sign up to receive an e-mail bulletin when a major news event occurs. (Updated 12/01)

Customized News Alerts from the Gray Lady
SearchDay, Mar. 26, 2002

The New York Times is now offering free, customized news alerts when articles that match your interest are published in the newspaper.

Washington Post News Alert

When major news breaks, sends e-mail reports right to your computer from Washington Post staff writers and our news wires. (Updated 12/01)

Magazine & Periodicals Searching

Let's you search through articles from over 300 sources, dating back to 1998, and view them for free. You can narrow your search to specific magazine categories, such as "Automotive," using a drop down option next to the search box. You can also search within a particular publication by using the "View Publications by Name" link, which appears below the search box. Find the name of the magazine you are interested in, click on its name, and the search box that appears searches against only that publication's content. (Updated 12/01)

A (Free) Deep Content Search Engine
SearchDay, Mar. 21, 2002

Review of FindArticles, listed above.


Allows you to find magazine articles, plus you can order results by date or publisher. Articles can also be found by browsing a directory structure. (Updated 12/01)

Northern Light

In addition to web searching, Northern Light also has indexed content from thousands of periodicals, with most articles ranging back to 1995. Use the "Special Collection" option if you only want to search against this material. Otherwise, both the web and Special Collection documents will be searched against. Searching against the Special Collection is free, but you'll have to pay generally between US $1 to $4 to read the full text of a Special Collection article. (Updated 12/01)


Not a place for breaking news but instead if you want to do research against content from magazine and newspaper articles that may not be freely available on the web. Cost is $80 annually or $15 per month. There's a 7 day free trial. (Updated 12/01)

Specialty & Regional News Search Engines


If you are after technology news, this service aims to deliver top articles each day in different areas. Stories are reviewed and classified by human editors. (Updated 12/01)


Headlines from Spanish news sources. (Updated 12/01)


Produced by the German Fireball search service, Paperball lets you search for German news. (Updated 12/01)


-- andreas
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