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Posted by andreas from ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 at 5:22AM :

Is he really dead?

Or only in for a long term assignment?

If he's dead, who killed him really?

Was it suicide?

Or maybe that Assyrian party (GHB) which needs a martyr to silence a dissident, to create a false death cult, to strengthen party discipline ...?


Invitation - Martyrdom of Freedom Fighter Mihayel Cudi


Beth Suryoyo Assyrian (Othuroyo) Forum


Written by Bethmardutho Suryoyto Augsburg/Germany on 06 Jan 2003 16:58:52:


The Syriac Cultural Association in Augsburg, “Bethnahrin Information and Social Bureau” along with his members, friends and sympathizers are holding the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Freedom Fighter Cudi, who died on the 11.01.2002 during one of his duties and became the second Martyr of Mesopotamia Freedom Party (GHB).

The Commemoration is scheduled to be held on Saturday, January 11th 2003 at 18.30 p.m in the Bethnahrin (Mesopotamia) Information and Social Bureau, Prälat-Bigelmair-Str3 , 86154 Augsburg, Germany.
The “Bethnahrin Information- & Social Bureau invites all Assyrian-Syriacs and their Institutions without any differences of names or denominations, to join us for commemorate these young and respectful Freedom Fighter and hereby recognise his struggle for the freedom of our people.

Short Biography of Mihayel Cudi:

Mihayel Cudi was born on 2 February 1971, to parents Mesut and Hana in the village of Hassana, close to the Turkey's border with Iraq. In 1978 together with his family he settled in the Netherlands. After complete his studies, he became a police officer. In 1996 he became a sympathizer of the Bethnahrin Freedom Party (formally known as Patriotic Revolutionary Organization of Bethnahrin). In 1998 he became a professional political cadre of the organization and in spring 1999, after the 1st Organizational National Conference, he was send to homeland. There he was active for the party in Mossoul (Nineveh) and in other areas of the region in the field of public relations. On Friday, January 11th 2002 Mihayel Cudi became during one of his duties martyr. On 13 January 2002 Mihayel Cudi was buried in the mountains of his homeland. Mihayel Cudi was a respected and beloved military commander and political cadre of the Bethnahrin Freedom Party - Section Iraq.

Glory To Our Martyr!

-- andreas
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