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Posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 at 8:42AM :

In Reply to: DU: "A crime against God and humanity&qu posted by andreas from ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 at 6:19AM :

Chilling...but I reject the notion of "rules of war". How do you make rules for killing people? Is this a slaughterhouse where some agency determines the safest way to kill animals...humanely? Can you kill a healthy beast who never did a thing to you in a humane way? Isn't the very act inhumane by definition? While we're at it...that word, "inhuman" should be scrapped. After five thousand years on earth it should be evident that the human way is to be as "un-beastly" as possible. Beats and animals don't kill for the reasons we do. They don't even fight to the death over territory or sex...just till one side sees it's losing...none of this, "to the last man" bullshit. Being human IS being savage and brutal and callous. It isn't inhuman to use the weapons and methods we do, it is completely HUMAN.

Either disarm everyone and make rules of warfare obsolete...or have those rules specify that before any engagement a soldier must turn his weapon on himself and fire the first shot into his own head...there's "humanity" for you. Or specify that only ping pong paddles can be used in warfare, and only tricycles are to be used as military vehicles.

But if a nation is going to develop any weapons it wants to, and sell them around the globe...then screw rules of warfare...obviously the only rule is to develop better and better ways of killing people. What does the United States sell weapons of death around the world for anyway if not to be used? So let us all kill whoever we can with these weapons. make the rules fit the game. Kill women and children, rip limbs from bodies and do it all the time without end till we're surrounded by the stench of it all...right in our own backyrds so we can't escape...can't sip a latte while our taxes kill people round the globe.

Where's the humanity...that we should split hairs about the best way to kill people. There IS no best way...they ALL suck.

-- pancho
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