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Posted by pancho from pool0001.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 at 2:20PM :

Jackie's Club has been accused of ripping people off , hiring an Arab band. The usual. It's an anonymous accusation of course...we're born and die anonymously. The e-mail was sent to several Assyrian organizations.

It wasn't Francis Sarguis this time. Too petty for him. Anytime one of our musicians does an Arabic or Persian song, he or she is denounced as a traitor etc. The band in question must be from Iraq or Syria...or maybe they just like music as music and not propaganda...which is all we have for a culture...rhetoric and propaganda. Assyrians can't sing Italian or French or German or Hindi...maybe they can...but never ever in Arabic, the "usurper and murderer's" language. It seems you have to hermetically seal Assyrians at birth lest they get contaminated with contact with the world as it exists.

Is it any wonder we're where we are? We aren't even to sing what we like. How can we produce artists or thinkers if we can't freely sing or Art?

Anyhoo...Jackie drafted a long winded reply about what the costs were, no rip-off and the band was Assyrian yata yata yata.

Then they conducted an investigation, found out the guy was at Xerox Corp when he wrote the thing, and now his job is on the line. His mistake was doing it anonymously. Big deal...the guy made some accusations. Doing it from his job, and on the sly, gave them ammunition.

Whatever you want to say about Jackie, she isn't interested in ripping off party-goers, not for nickels and dimes...on the contrary, she's as dedicated to giving everyone a good time as any high school cheerleader. Anything that promotes her is sacrosanct. She doesn't the cash, or the headaches over "traitor" music...she has bigger Assyrian fish to fry. She's one of the best people you can find at doing what she does...and is just as honest as she needs to be.

No, no...money taken from Assyrians is not her thing. She also isn't stupid enough to hire an actual Arab band. This Arab accusation thing is silly. It seems the one sure thing you need to be a patriotic Assyrian, is be dumb. By definition the intelligent Assyrian is the one who goes away and stays away. That's ass backwards...and so are we.

Jackie would never rip any one off in these harmless, petty ways. Her thing is much more subtle.

-- pancho
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