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Posted by Tony from ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 at 5:12PM :

In Reply to: No Peace For Patriots posted by pancho from ( on Friday, January 10, 2003 at 3:44PM :

This notion of "Pure" does not exist.

I think most of our people are not even able to track their family trees back few generations.


: An ardent Israeli doesn't want peace...Israel needs more space...more land. If they don't steal it today...maybe they can convince Palestinians to leave tomorrow ( and they can't do that if life is at all bearable, for both sides) know...make it so miserable they'll just leave...go somewhere the Jews of Europe did when it became intolerable to live among Christians ever again.

: Neither does a real Assyrian Christian want peace...or co-existance, with Muslims. We turn our children out of the house if they marry Muslims...hell I even know Assyrian Christians who wont attend a relative's wedding if that person marries a non-Assyrian, even if a Christian.

: In fact...if all of us who prefer peace for all...who can accept racial and any other differences as something to cherish, that makes life more rich and varied for all of us...if we tried to reach out to each other...we'd all be denounced as traitors and sell-outs by our "own" people. These all-or-nothing-types are on both sides...on all sides. I have more in common with a Muslim or an Italian or a Jew who believes we are all the same, than I have with an ardent Assyrian Phalangist who believes we have to remain "pure". Fascists are notorious purists.

-- Tony
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