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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 6:13PM :

Just found out more about the incident...the New Year's party Jackie's Club ran. There really was a guy who wrote a lengthy complaint...or plaint, and sent it round the world...even to leaders in Iraq.

We have enough clever buggers in computers that they tracked him down. I still don't understand his reason for anonymity. All he did was express his stupid opinion...we do that all the time. The only thing I can think is that he KNEW it was stupid, that it was a smear tactic instead of an honest opinion, even a mistaken or spitefull one...dumb enough to say it...not bright enough to do it openly.

I don't think there's anything libellous in calling someone a crook...if you honestly believe they are...besides, he wasn't hurting them in their reputation in ways that would cost them income.

But then again maybe he was afraid because of what Jackie did to Jeff...but felt compelled to take a shot at them and her.

Jackie isn't into stealing money and no one in their right mind thinks of making money off of Assyrian parties...or sculpture. But I do have to say it serves her right to have people throw around the kinds of accusations she made at others. She wasn't anonymous in her letters to people about me being a crook and swindling her on land deals or borrowing money or asking for food at her kitchen door...those were all lies she sent privately...she signed her name to them all...even swore under pain of perjury that it happened. That's because she knew there was little chance of getting caught...never suspected Jeff, or anyone else, would share it with me. But she wouldn't send something anonymously, like this guy did...though the fine points between them are pretty slim.

I was told that some said I must have done it...for revenge, you know...and others answered it wasn't possible...that whatever I've said, I've said openly, signed my name to it and have been willing to be sued, screwed and tatooed for it. I've hardly kept anything back so with me, you know the worst, it's a sort of a consolation...I wont sneak up on you. Anonymity is not my thing, OBVIOUSLY...and neither is lying about people "privately"...or at all. Jackie did each and every thing I accused her of...that still doesn't mean I wish anything bad to happen to her she doesn't deserve. I'd even let her off for the rotten lousy things she's done...I don't want revenge...justice will do.

Jackie is efficient, extremely competant, articulate, presentable and any other function you'd as easily ascribe to a poodle. Her virtues are all of the lower order, but they are sincere...her lapses are all in the higher things. She isn't creative or imaginative...has "flexible" morality and very pragmatic ideals. And most of all, she's far too much of a self-promoter to get caught copping nickels and dimes...or a feel.

The guy must have had other axes to grind. We're like that. Everything with us is personal and petty. There's hardly a one of us that can rise above his or her own inner shortness.

-- pancho
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