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Posted by pancho from ( on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 10:40PM :

To: All Assyrian Organizations world wide, Assyrian web sites and Bulletin Boards, Assyrian television programs, Zinda Magazine and other media outlets, All available Assyrian individuals via Internet, membership of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose

From: Executive Board of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose

Subject: e-mail letter titled “2003 New Year's Eve Assyrian Party in San Jose, CA”

Date: January 8, 2003

On Monday, January 6, 2003 the Assyrian American Association of San Jose received a vicious e-mail letter titled “2003 New Year's Eve Assyrian Party in San Jose, CA” from an anonymous person using a pseudonym and a bogus e-mail address of This letter contained personal attacks on the members of the Executive Board and myself,

+++Okay, that did it. I'm going to post Jackie's e-mails...ones she signed with her real name...filled with her own lies. This holier-than-thou stance of her's is what really irritates me about her and all our leadership. In her letters she has slandered and lied and slimed and even went on to perjure herself. I don't mind her justified anger...but this "wounded" self she presnts, like HOW DARE anyone do to her what she does to others all the time...really sucks. get ready Shawn...more checks to cash.

including defamatory statements, libel and slander, and was sent through the Internet to many respected Assyrian organizations as well as many individuals who we believe read the contents with utter disbelief.

As officers and volunteers of this non-profit organization, we always welcome any positive and constructive criticism. We strive to satisfy the majority of our guests at the two social functions that we organize every year, and we accept the fact that there will always be individuals whom cannot be satisfied. However, instead of offering positive criticism and suggestions, the author of this Internet “flame” inappropriately aims his personal attacks against the organizers who have given hundreds of volunteer hours to this organization and to their community. His anti-American and anti-Assyrian statements are clearly the opposite of constructive, and aim at demoralizing the spirit of volunteerism within our organization and community.

+++Man you can spin the bullshit. No wonder those who don't know you well are so damn impressed. It's your utter lack of principles I're a solid act lady, but an act all the way.

Furthermore, this letter contained many unsubstantiated statements regarding the manner in which this year's New Year's Eve party was planned and executed. The writer accused the organizers and the volunteers of “gouging” and “robbing” the guests and pocketing the money. A simple math exercise will prove that by the time you add the cost of $42 per person dinner for 750 people charged by the Marriott to the $29,000 paid to the two wonderful Assyrian (not Arab, as the letter claims) singers, plus cost of decorations and security, the $99 ticket purchased by the writer was quite a bargain, and not a “highway robbery”.

In the last 48 hours the officers of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose have contemplated the motives behind such malicious and intentional writing, and find that we have no other choice but to share the information we have gathered with those in our community while we contemplate the legal remedies available to us.

+++Oh fuck off with your legal remedies. The guy is perfectly free to state his opinion that our organizations are manned and womanned by's an honest and completely understandable conclusion to reach. Lincoln was right...if you didn't have the wouldn't have any influence or standing. Go try to impress the Armenian community and see how fast they send you back to us.

Our preliminary investigation revealed the internally stated author

+++"internally stated"???

of the document as a Joseph Shahidi who works for Xerox Corporation. It appears that the author also used a computer at Phoenix University to send out his pseudonymous attack letter. We have contacted the Xerox Corporation about this issue and they expressed great concern about the alleged conduct of their employee who apparently used company resources to prepare his attack memo. We thank Xerox for their attention and professionalism.

+++++Take it easy...Golani had sculptures of mine welded at Ford. I gave you a sculpture to raffle off for the AAS and it wound up on your desk for months and could still be there. I also gave your club, not you, a large Winged Bull and it wound up in your hallway at home where it sat until I wrote about it, after which you promptly returned it to the club. Get off your high horse before you get a nose bleed.

We have also notified University of Phoenix, which as indicated are conducting an internal investigation about this matter.

Let me assure the readers of this letter and Joseph Shahidi, whom I have never met, that at NO time such malicious and intentional act of defamation against the selfless and dedicated officers and volunteers of this Association will go un-noticed or un-punished.

+++We don't doubt that. Either I get your ass in court or you're going to be in for a surprise...come on lady...GET ME to court...quit stalling and setting your bloodhound Fritz on me with stalls and dodges...get to the issue...ME FIRST!

We believe that the integrity and reputation of our organization and its officers has been built and proven within our community, and in my capacity as the president of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose along with the Executive officers we are prepared to defend it at all cost.

+++Get me into court and we'll discuss your integrity. Sue us all you want don't get immunity because you've money...someone misled you in business college.

We are deeply saddened by these events, however, we remain hopeful that this most unfortunate experience will teach Joseph Shahidi a valuable lesson in ethics, moral responsibility and constructive participation in the Assyrian-American community.

+++You fucking, overweening, full of boiled shit, lying half-breed! I mean, those of us who know you are as close to retching as at any time since we got to know you.

Because the original author did so, we are circulating this initial letter to all Assyrian organizations, media, and individuals who may or may have not read the original letter. If you receive this letter and have further questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide updated information and results of our final investigation and legal follow-up when available.

+++You reaps what you sows.


Jacklin Bejan
Assyrian American Association of San Jose

Cc: Shawn Leuthold, Attorney at Law
Cc: Xerox Corporation
Cc: University of Phoenix

+++Hi Shawn!

-- pancho
-- signature .

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