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Posted by pancho from pool0410.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 11:02PM :

Jeff already had made contact with Jackie before this exchange. When he heard I was disinvited by her highness because I wouldn't play along with her balls...I think that's how it's expressed...he wrote to her asking for some clarification. Her response is filled with lies...I'll own up to everything I did...I obviously am not squeamish or worried about what it does to my reputation...sales or getting sued.

Jacklin Bejan wrote:

> Jeff sweetheart,
> Please try and stay away from this situation, because you are too precious
> to me, and I don't want to get you involved with this.

+++I'll be sure to avoid getting involved in any way.

> Let me just say that
> it is unfortunate that Fred's negative attitude, paranoia and fear of
> "everyone is out there to get me" puts him in such rotten position.
> The annual convention is a private affair sponsored by a non-profit
> corporation called the AANF. We are not a public entity, nor are we
> affiliated with any government agency who serves the public. The invitation
> to participate in any program is just that, an "invitation". If someone
> does not receive it, it means he or she are not invited, especially if it
> involves an opportunity to sell a product for the personal benefit of that
> person. It is a privilege, NOT a right. In the past we have been so easy
> and so desperate that people have gotten the impression that they are doing
> us a favor by participating in this annual event. The reality is that we as
> the organizers are doing our people a favor by providing them with an
> opportunity to gather, learn and exchange, in return for the measly profit
> that we make to turn around and distribute in various forms of assistance to
> our own people in need, including Mr. Fred Parhad.

+++I was just curious because he claims that you asked him to bring his sculpture,
and I noticed that even on the assyrianconvention.org web site one of the events
includes "arts & sculpture". Is there another sculptor coming, or are you and
him in such a large argument that you took back that invitation? Or, is he
lying about it and you never invited him at all? (more below)

> I am personally disappointed in Fred, but relieved that I finally figured
> him out for the swindler and the second class charlatan that he is. I am
> bitter that under the name of friendship, he cheated me out of almost
> $35,000 in a bogus land deal in Mexico. I am bitter for lending him money
> when he came to my door asking for financial assistance, because he did not
> have the means to take care of his family. Not a cent of this $35,000 has
> been returned to me, and I know now that it will never be returned.
> I am bitter for all the days that he and his family came to my house, and I
> opened up my house to him thinking that he is a decent person, yet all he
> wanted was to get me to buy some more stuff from him, or for me to introduce
> him to our friends who could afford to buy his sculptures, and my God I did
> that!!! At a tune of over $100,000 between what I spent and what my
> friends bought from him. Let me stop right here Jeff, because I don't want
> to remember the past and my own vulnerability.

+++I had no idea... (more below)

> He found a good sucker, but
> perhaps the only relief for me is that I was not the only one, and I finally
> figured him out. Who ever has come across him, has similar stories to tell
> you, from his own family to people who have transacted with him, and believe
> me that list is long. He has his own version to every situation, but not
> all of us are crazy!!
> Enough is enough. I will not tolerate his bullying anymore, and I am
> prepared to deal with him. I have a lot of issues that I'm dealing with,
> including my own health crisis, and I will waste any more time on him.
> Jeff, I know you mean well, but you are very young and perhaps you've never
> had bitter experiences in your life, not yet. I adore your spirit and your
> devotion to our people and hope that you will never be disappointed in your
> life. My very best to you.
> hugs & kisses,
> J

I wish you the best of health, and the best of luck at the convention. AND,
thank you for your kind words.


+++It wasn't long after this...and without a word to Jeff...a request not to hurt her feelings, if he was indeed involved in my postings...without anything but a summons to let him know he was being sued for ywo million dollars by her...for things her own fucking lawyer later addmitted to Jeff he and Jackie KNEW he hadn't done...but, "would he consider writing to Jackie and distancing himself from a scumbag like yoors trooly.

-- pancho
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