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Posted by pancho from pool0258.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 12:13PM :

If this site should suddenly disappear...it will re-group from somewhere else. The actual cussing and the exposed body parts have long since vanished. But this stuff now is the real issue. Just like the cuss words were aina and beth's excuses to ban me in the beginning...though they have enough cussing without me...the real point was the ideas and questions...that's what was worrying them...and we finally got down to the issue of their deplorable behavior...as bad as any of the Muslim states they deride....and just like any turkey from Turkey, they banned and deleted for ideological content...while hiding behind the flag...final refuge of the complete scoundrel.

Same now with the Jackster. The site was shut down once already because Shawn threatened the providers with a lawsuit. We got it back ten minutes later when I agreed to "curb and remove"...I was done with that phase anyway...just waiting on Jackie to sue me. I would have ignored that one too if she hadn't sued Jeff as well...

See...Jackie uses her money not only to buy legitimacy for herself...she also uses it to silence dissent or criticism of her actions when some one or other finally sees her for what she is. Her best bet would be to behave honestly, decently, with consideration and respect to others...with the REAL stuff, not the diamond encrusted brand she wows you peasants with. When that fails, and someone says, "Holy Shit...is THAT what she is"? She hires lawyers to threaten lawsuits and actually sues, anyone and everyone, like a shark in a feeding frenzy who ends by biting its own humungous ass.

Your average person isn't going to even want to bother defending him or herself cause it costs...never mind being in the right...so that ultimately, Jackie believes, her money and willingness to protect her brand name recognition, makes her immune from having to weather the consequences of her own actions.

Thank god I've got nothing more to lose...and can "afford" to tell the truth about her...which will cost her a bundle to try to stop...be she as willing as she may.

One more complaint from her laywer and they wont even investigate, or hesitate...they'll just shut this place down...the nine bucks a month they get is hardly worth their trouble.

Even though I'm posting her actual e-mails...it's the truth that always bothers people like Jackie the most...because they live through a facade and those are only manintained by great and devious, but well crafted and heavily funded, lies. They could very easily say I've made these letters up and it's more" slander and defecation on her character" and the providers would just shut us down.

It will take a while, but I've already researched the various providers in this country, and abroad that are either anonymous themselves and have won cases already allowing them to operate in confidence...or that the Jackster couldn't get to. If I have to re-start offshore...all bets are off and she'll finally gets what she really deserves...the truth about her told freely, away from her lawyers and her cash.

Jackie is not private person. She gets herself noticed wherever she can...she had her own TV program and it wasn't for lack of tryhing or will that she didn't make it onto Larry King. She's used this public position to build herself up and present herself as a leader, a mover and a shaker, though a jiggler and a "bouncing bumper" is more like it...therefore her words have far more clout than those of a "Jackie Blow". She has used the prestige and respect that come with her position and notariety in our community, both in America and around the world, for private vendettas...to destroy reputations and characters and livelihoods...things she could not have done as effectively had she not been assumed to be honest and sincere...things we were led to believe she was, both as a result of the status she has worked hard to attain...and because she tells us she is.

A "private woman" would not have been able to place herself in a position of authortiy to decide if an artist can display and sell his sculpture...and how that dwarf of an Atour Golani EVER allowed her to snooker him into taking the blame publicly for what she forced on him...I'll never know. We are doomed the longer we rely on leadership like this.

Old Chinese proverb..."she who rides tiger...must be careful how bitch get's off".

It is not now...nor ever was...my job to get Jackie off.

See you around...maybe.

-- pancho
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