Iraq War and Jacksters

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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 12:24PM :

I don't mean to imply that the Jackster outweighs concern over a war with Iraq. But war or no war, our condition over the last few hundreds years will not materially change until we tackle our own problems one by one. No Western Chalabi or Saddam is going to make us or break us...only we can do that...and we've been doping an excellent job of breaking what the Church hasn't smashed already.

And even if Iraq was secured and our Heritage and people there as safe as we would would still be a shame to allow those of us who have left BetNahrain to just float away and turn white through and through.

But, especially as things stand now...and even though our fellow Assyrians, Muslims or Buddhists as they may be, are in Iraq trying to withstand the most godawful assault on the lonely and weak by the strongest and most deadly ever in history...and are making us all proud in the process because they show what stuff we are made from...even though they will one day be vindicated and praised while this US government is vilified and lands its ass in jail or "pardoned"...even with all of that going for us as Assyrians...STILL, every Assyrian child, Christian or not...needs to see his or her Heritage making itself proud wherever it goes...even if it does intermarry with Armenian half-breeds, Germans and Apes.

For that reason, Jackies and Nimrods and Golanis are a blight on this good name...and we can't let them be the only voice...cause it's so damn embarrassing!!!... mostly.

-- pancho
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