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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 12:38PM :

In Reply to: Mitzna won't win, but I love him for trying.. posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 12:14PM :

Never know with German words... It was Hitler's big thing..."Living Space". It means the great German people needed room, someone else's, in which to be even greater. The best way was to contrive incidents wherein Germans living outside of the "disputed" boundries of Germany were being abused. There were "illegal" settlements of Germans,,,in Austria, hence the Aunshluz (sorry)...and the Sudentland...

Incidents were manufactured to cause dissention and hostility among neighbors so the Nazis would have the pretext to go in and protect their own people...and just incidentally take the land as a "buffer" Only when that buffer got to France and Liverpool did the US enter the war.

Sharon knows his history if we don't. They use the Bible to justify a land-grab...then when the actual legal, not celestial, owners fight back, they label them "terrorists" and move in to create buffer zones and settlements they hope like hell will be attacked some more.

Israel doesn't want peace...never has. Israel wants to grow..and again you can only blame the damn Christians for this...for ever making Jews so unwelcome in Europe that they've no choice but to take a page from the Nazi book.

With peace comes stability...stability means settled borders...which means no pretext to expand into "buffer" zones...which means no place to stick settlements...which means no resentment and attacks...which means no "enemies" to kill and inflame into another cycle of violence...calling for extended buffer zones....and on and on till we're all paying for what we did to the Jews...which we deserve...but NOT the Palestinians or Muslims who have been historically their best friends.

Christian Western Nations SHOULD be paying the price...the ENTIRE price...and maybe that's the ultimate goal...

"Armandgethim" anyone?

-- pancho
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