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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 1:40PM :

In Reply to: Another Jackster E-Mail posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 11:35AM :

+++You should remember that Jeff has never met Jackie, or spoken to her by phone. The poor fellow is treated to all this hot yet friendly talk from what amounts to a complete stranger...married with two children...sent to a college kid whose hormones are raging...or started to after a few of these notes...

+++"naked warrior" yet to come.

+++You might also want to recall that without a change in pace, without nary a how do you do...she turned around and sued him for two million bucks...and he never wrote a single negative word about her, anywhere or to anyone...besides to me, and that only much later. Mostly he was bewildered, hurt and angry. She did it to teach all of you what's in store for you if you challenge her with her own dirt...something she has plenty of...getting dirtier by the day...that's why her comments to this other fellow seem so reprehensible...because she has done far worse to people who don't have the money to hire lawyers...but acts as if she is on a virtuous crusade here, get at the no her attempts to have "her name" cleared. For what? For a party? Who gives a good goddamn...where's the damage...what're the implications of how much a chicken really cost?

Hello darling,

It was a trip to remember all right :)) My plane was delayed leaving
from San Jose, and that made me miss my connection in Phoenix. When I
finally got to Detroit airport,

+++This was the trip she said she should, "take you with me", meaning yoors trooly. Now what was I supposed to do over a week-end with DETROIT!!!, not Paris or Des Moines but Detroit??? She very clearly implied she would pay the expenses...why? Not to bed me, or wed me... maybe to make me "hers" in the eyes of others? To outdo Janey and Atour? To annoy my wife who is twenty times the lady in her one toe than Jackie is in her magnificent entirety? What business would I have had at an NEC meeting of the Federation EXCEPT to appear to be in her pocket...if not her pants...YUK either way!!!

Atour was no where to be found,

+++Now this is really puzzling. I can't figure out who is lying more here...though they are all practised liars, just not professional ones, not even in that. When she returned Jackie regaled me with her indignation at being left waiting at the airport in Detroit, not the largest, for over two hours waiting for an Atour who never showed up...till she was forced to share a taxi with a "delightful Black man".

+++Later, Janey Golani happened to be telling me of this same incident, as we sat drinking coffee in her kitchen in Detroit...only she said Atour had walked all over the airport looking for Jackie...that he had called Janey a few times to see if she had heard from Jackie...till he gave up and went home.

+++What gives? Why lie about such a silly thing anyway? Who cares? But...what is going on that people can't make connections at airports without all this fuss? Is it all for my I supposed to be swayed into one camp over another? Jackie always degraded Atour and the meanest ways possible...which I wont repeat cause Janey is dear to me. Janey and Atour never said a negative word about her...just shook their heads and wondered. Still...was I supposed to begin doubting each pair? In any contest...I would trust Janey...never Atour and never EVER Jackie. Only problem is Janey thinks Atour is this side of Jesus...when he isn't in the same territory. I don't know...we are so damn byzantine we think we've achieved something when we break into a sweat going to an airport.

so I had
to catch a taxi for $50 and go to a roach motel called the Ramda Inn,

+++Let me guess...Atour owes you fifty bucks? Or is Jeff supposed to start doubting Atour's integrity, or his ability to find an airport...or act decently and responsibly??? I'm confused...and more confused that I'm confused...that I even got into a place to be confused or bothered by these sorts of things...but this is Assyria, baby...for lack of a better one...even if you try to steer wide of these people...they come after you with letters and visits behind your back to art commissions and boards of supervisors and promises of "help" you desperately need and don't realize till too late, you don't anything THAT badly and all the help they'll give in the end will be to help wreck the project if they can't steal it, making it their business to ruin your's till you either have to turn and confront the vermin or let them rule.

owned by Sam Yono. I almost had a full heart attack when I walked
inside, and sure enough Firas, his wife, Sam Shapira and his wife were
also feeling the same.

+++I stayed there a discount I could well have done without. But, the guy was trying to be nice...and they were in the middle of renovations...and he'd had trouble with his contractor, lawsuits and what not...and I'm sure he was trying to keep costs down...and luckily I'm not too sqeamish so I stayed on. Since then Sam has gone to develop a host of other projects...and it should be said...he was the second Chaldean to buy a maquette of Hammurabi and I'm sure he would have loved to have seen the project much as I would have almost.

+++But still...if you're going to spread this kind of thing behind people's back...why get so pissed when people tell the truth about you to your face...or try to? At least you can fight back then...but Sam will never know what else she said about him and to whom...and neither do the rest of us. As reprehensible as my behavior might have been...I've told it openly...warts and all. If she dared...she'd confront me...GET ME INTO COURT!!! Let's tell both sides...all sides. I only wish I could get Atour and Janey to testify under oath...only then would they feel comfortable telling the truth about Jackie...only if they were 'forced"...otherwise they feel they have to maintain Omerta too...keep up appearances you know...the ONE thing we bust our balls to do... addmitting that without a good front, there ain't nothing there.

We finally managed to find a clean Holiday Inn,
and then went to Al laphandi (spelling??) for dinner. Everything was
good, except my beef was bleeding to death, and it made me sick :(( On
top of that, I still had to finish my convention report, which meant I
had to get up at 5:00 a.m. to finish the 5 page detailed report for the
Federation meeting.

+++Here again you have what really makes Jackie's image so powerful. In the first place she only works with other harrassed and stressed out which I mean people who have little spare time to give and who aren't in positons of "power and responsibility" Jackie is...sort of like the Scout Mother lamenting because only she, in the whole troop of 13 year olds, can do the job right.

+++Because it taxes Jackie to stay up do anything sustained for five hours, even when it's one of those interminable and totally unneccesary "reports" no one heeds or needs...because of that terribly significant undertaking...which she herself puffs up just so you'll be impressed...she comes back exhausted with, "look at what I,I,I,I HAD to do".....which means really, "look at what ONLY I can do." Which on closer examination simply means, "look at what only I have the TIME and MONEY to be able to AFFORD to do"...and p.s, "love me for it". Besides which, if Lincoln could only figure out which balls were his, and acted on his many threats...she wouldn't have the leisure time to work for Assyria in her spare time.

When you consider how easily she's climbed to the top of this heap, I mean where's the wasn't a whole lot of work to get THAT much acclaim for doing nothing more than providing a few parties and tax-deductible gifts. Many others do far more with far less fanfare.

Without eating any breakfast, I had to rush back to
Sam Yono's roach motel for the Federation meeting. Sure enough it was a
disaster, with the usual bull shit, and especially hearing the mess with
last year's convention in Chicago (it's a long story). At a little
after 5:00 I had to leave for the airport, which again was delayed
leaving Detroit.

+++Only for Jackie would an entire airport leave. A single plane has to suffice the rest of us. Freudian Slut.

I finally got home at after mid night Sunday, and
promised never to repeat this experience.

Instead of wasting my time at the meeting, I should have come to where
you folks were, and at least could have helped

Now tell me, how was the food drive?? Tell me about the poor families,
and the overall situation of our people in Detroit. I can't believe we
have people who depend on food bags from CARE.

+++Why not? Don't you know of a sculptor who came to your back door begging food for his family...and didn't YOU have to put food from your own shelves into a grocery bag for him to take home...the year before you and Nimrod did him in...the year he made over ninety grand selling sculpture, and didn't really need any groceries from you? Why is it so "surprising"? Is this where you got the idea from...the idea for the statement you made to the producer of the Assyrian TV program...another person you slimed and threatened to sue if he dared allow me to tell the truth about the Shumirum, even though we didn't mention you once?

How many families would
you estimate to be living like this? and look at us fighting over our
stupid names............... What a shame.

Give me any kind of
information you have.

+++And THAT, boys and germs, is what she thrives on..."give me any kind of information you have"...only we think it's information to be used for the "cause". It is. For THE cause...for she can get the goods on she can tell this one about that she seems credible when she committs herself to a judicious whopper of a you'll believe...and so she has something to use over each and every one of us...but never openly, never openly.

Maybe we can all pitch in and help out.

Take care aziza,


++++Yeah...take care Azziza...take care to keep both balls WILL need them...and take care she doesn't sue you for the rest.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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