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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 7:04PM :

In Reply to: Shawn Continues Busy posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 6:39PM :

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Contact & Discussions
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 19:04:49 EDT

I understand that you have been attempting to contact Lincoln Bejan in
order to try to sit down and discuss resolution of the outstanding
lawsuit. While the idea is fine, the chanel is wrong.

++++No, no. I was only trying to tell him that Jackie is and you are encouraging each other to get Jackie in a place that will be uncomfortable for her...never had any intention of settling anything except through a trial.

Please remember, the first and last thing I said to you each time you
and I have interacted face to face: I will be happy to discuss
settlement on behalf of my client on appropriate terms. In fact, when
there is some assurance that it will be productive, Lincoln, Jackie, and
I can sit down with you to discuss resolution.

+++Obviously you only listen to yourself talk...I guess it pays.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the stressful environment of litigation,
most cases settle. As a competent litigator who takes my job seriously,
I zealously advocate for the whole package of my client's interests --
including their interest in not paying huge legal fees to me.

++++No no sweet cheeks...that's what you tell them. The truth is that you can make plenty of money promising to litigate activelt on behalf of people who are pissed and sure they'll string them along till you can start hinting at a their interests of course. Truth is, after charging for every letter, every phone call, every feel them out and then talk about settlement...about how it's best for everyone. And usually people give in...unless they are as rich and as much of a snake as Jackie. It's in your interests to make all that money as easily as possible and nothing is easier than writing a letter from the comfort of your office or den...having your clerk file motions and motions...which cost money to present...a lot easier than actually going to court and maybe losing a case, and another, and another. Far easier to "win" out of court...especially when both lawyers get together and 'work it through".

it is a rare and unhappy circumstance when my client's financial
interests become the primary reason for accepting an inappropriate
settlement. In this case, again as I told you on day one, the financial
issues are certainly secondary to the gross violation of my client's
right to live free of defamation.

+++She wants to live free of having the truth told about her...not lies. Free to operate as she does, safe in the knowledge that no one is going to risk exposing her...she might sue.

The wrongness of stating on the
Internet that Jackie was motived by anger because you wouldn't sleep
with her, and the inappropriateness of calling her "the Armenian Cunt of
Assyria" (just one of many statements ranging from juvenile to
defamatory) are going to have to be addressed. By you. With
appropriate contrition and some form of compensation -- be it ! actual
or symbolic.

+++I think I can prove she acted the part of a bitch and a cunt...and if not, I can get close enough that enough people in the jury are going to feel she had it fact I was pretty retrained..."sticks and stones"...remember?

+++As far as sleeping with me...I think I can also prove there was a bit too much effort, fake or otherwise, in that direction by Jackie, certainly not we can see she lavishes hugs and kisses in a highly inappropriate manner towards young men she's never met...and whom she is obviously trying to get something from...and when that doesn't work, turns around and sues them for millions. It's already cost Jeff over a thousand he has to take away from his school needs and just to live...if that isn't the definition of a class A bitch and a cunt par don't get out too often.

Alternatively, you can spend the next 2-5 years trying to
convince the court/jury of your "truth" defense to slander per se.

+++It will be that long and longer...and when the court phase is over...I'll get down to serious work. Jackie is a symbol...a symbol of the worst there is among us...the worst because she poses as the best...and the weak minded or those lacking discrimination accept her and never see how much damage she does...because they aren't too particular about this whole's just a hobby to most of them too...and Jackie wants to keep it that way...and that stunts the field for all of us. I didn't try to involve Jackie or Nimrod...they came to the projects and tried to take them over or ruin them if that failed...and I'm not the first one, and I sure as hell don't plan on being the last one...with all respect to Ms Menchavez and her travelling pots.

Without getting personal, let me point out that you are not the victim
here, and your trying to play the part does not come off well. You are
going to prove up lost wages? Expect to provide the historical record
of tax returns.

+++No problem...cept I dropped my suit and don't need to now...but I can still show in court the damage she did...and I'll be happy to provide records then...don't want her money...never did.

You are going to prove that Jackie's reference to Jeff
in an email as "sweetie" show's she's a bitch in heat -- and vindictive
on top of that?

+++It's more than that...we have a classic "he said, she said" situation where jackie and I are which case a jury just has to rely on its own sense of who is to be believed...I'm willing to live by that.

You're going to have the jury examine her walls to see
that you're the only man she's ever dealt with who's still intact? Good

++++Huh? Does she do circumcisons as well?

I know you're angry about the convention. I am aware you feel wronged
by many people. isn't a question of me being's a matter of US being wronged. I swear you money people just don't get think everyone wants money and everything revolves around that.

However, if it added up to a compensable, legal "wrong"
you would have sued long ago instead of burning your bridges on the

+++Give it a rest...or do you get paid by the word?

By the way, I have reviewed a copy of your proposed cross-complaint.
Although I have solid respect for many paralegals, I have to question
the competence and professionalism of yours after he or she got your
address wrong and seems to have gotten mine wrong, among other errors of
law and fact. (I had get a copy from the court because I've still not
received the allegedly mailed copy.) Frankly, there is nothing
intimidating or even useful in your proposed cross-complaint. It
complains rather loudly, but it doesn't create a legally actionable case
that Senator Nimrod or the various Federations or Associations need to
worry about.

+++It WAS a beaut wasn't it?

When all is said and done, there is no reason in the current universe
that Ms. Bejan is going to pay you a cent in some type of "settlement."
Her money is much better spent on my bill.

++++Is that a joke? Do you do jokes?

However that said, I will be happy to discuss with you any productive
suggestions for resolution. To date, each and every offer and
communication you directed toward me or Ms. Bejan has been generally or
specifically shared and discussed. That includes the unfair and
inappropriate attempts you made on-line to tie Lina's critical health
needs to the resolution of this case. (What Jackie does regarding Lina
has nothing to do with you.)

+++Thank god.

In the future, please think carefully before you act. Then direct your
efforts toward positive resolution through my email. I can assure you
that no one is more aware of how much Jackie spends on my bill than she
and I, and I can assure you that there is no more direct route to
settlement than Jackie directly, via me.

++++What's the fastest way to court?

Yours truly,
-Shawn Leuthold

P.S. I am copying Jeff on this since he seems to share communications I
send to him with you. I figure it should work both ways.

cc: Client; Lincoln Bejan
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