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Posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 9:16PM :

I kid you's a typo I'm sure, but brother...! This is from aina...natch. It re-vists that all important question, "Are Chaldeans from Mars and Assyrians from Uranus"...or vice versa"? And..."Can You Tell The Difference"...or, "Can THEY tell the difference"? And finally, "Does it matter"?

+++Admittedly yoors trooly vists and re-vists certain topics...


Dear All:

The Winter issue( 2002) of the Assyrian Star Magazine the official publication of the Assyrian American National Federation is out to the subscribers.

In this issue, the Assyriac Section we reprint the verses of Gewarges Warda of Erbil where he is verifying our existences as Assyrians in the Proper Assyria.

In this issue you read that the Assyrian name is mentioned five times where there is no mention of the so-called Chaldean who according to Ghassan Co. replaced the Assyrian population.
It is sheer evidence that such claim is refuted by printing such historical (sic. "Hysterical") verses.

In 1921 the Church of the East embarked by printing for the second time the Book of Marganetha which is edited by the Assyrian gallant Mar Avdesho of Sova and Armenia, the VERSES of Gewarges of Erbil were attached to it. It is known that the number of such book were 1000 , it is clear that most of them by now are vanished.

Thanks to the Assyrian Star Magazine Staff who gave us the liberty to reprint such verses in an elegant way and now about 1200 copies of this important magazine are out to the public.

We are embarking in future issues to reprint anything related to our Assyrian nation. If you have such thing please send it to the Assyrian Star Magazine : The Assyrian Star

+++Somehow I don't think they'll print "anything". Another Zindalite.

P.O.Box 2880

Worcester, MA 01613

Ashur Beth-Shlimon,
The Assyriac and Arabic Editor

Note: Keep in mind that I was Assyriac and Arabic of this fine publication 1970-1976.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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