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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 1:26AM :

....Jackie's father was born in..."UREMIA"??? That's a piss poor way to come into the world.

Okay...all kidding aside...why did I post these private e-mails? Because there was no better way to show what I claimed to be Jackie's modus operandi...and it was a lot worse with me...I just didn't keep the e-mails...and much more passed between us in person...I wasn't taping any of it.

First of all you see how quickly she moves down towards his thigh, starting with his "brilliant mind" first, of course...figuratively speaking. He becomes her dear, her darling, her darling hope, the future of Assyria...her sweetheart...where has he been all her life? It's a wonder he didn't pop something!

I got much the same...but worse. She tickled my ear and stroked my ego in ways no one would whose motives were honorable. There was no real need to do so...she was friendly enough...our families visited...and she and Lincoln wanted to buy wasn't any great can't really have one with Jackie...not if you have any character of your own.

She turned on me in a flash...just as she did on Jeff. Between what she wrote to Jeff...and what Shawn told's more than clear that they both knew Jeff didn't do anything to Jackie...not really...not enough for two grown and highly moral people to sue him for millions. She was sending a message out there...expose her at your peril. Should the day come when Jackie wants to run right over you...lay there and take will be far worse for you if you protest...the more you resist...the more you demand fair play and justice...the more you'll get sued for it, the more you'll be slimed and talked against and attacked. Of course it will be done behind your back...never to your you can never prove anything...not in a court anyway.

There she decide for yourselves.

-- pancho
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