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Posted by Lilly/Sadie/whatever from ? ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 11:19AM :

In Reply to: interesting point posted by Lilly/Sadie/whatever from ? ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 11:16AM :

Nashville Scene
Jan. 9-15, 2003

A List

U.S. Senate majority leader Bill Frist, a Republican from Nashville, provided emergency medical aid over the holidays at the scene of a bloody car accident in Florida. He also provided emergency aid three other times before to people in Washington D.C. suffering various afflictions. In coming months, it is likely that:

* When Vice President Dick Cheney starts turning the color of used paper towels during a late afternoon press conference, Frist will drag the Veep into a hedge of roses, open his chest with a pocket knife and jump-start Cheney's pacemaker with his Timex watch. Frist will keep his back to C-SPAN so no one sees anything.

* Frist will prescribe Trent Lott some serious anti-depressants.

* When al-Queda operatives successfully invade the Capitol building, shooting three armed security guards, Frist will slap a red cross on his chest, locate the victims, bandage them up, call in an air strike on the terrorists and make it to his son's soccer game on time.

* When Al Gore chokes on a piece of steak at Jimmy Kelly's, Frist will not be there.

* During weekends, Frist will fly to poor, impoverished nations to offer free medical care, being careful to fly west so that he doesn't use up time as he makes his medical rounds.

* Frist will author a book, Just Try to Die in My Presence as a follow-up to Transplant.

* While visiting a senior citizen's home in Miami, geezers cause a stampede while rushing toward Frist to explain their maladies. Three centenarians will be crushed underfoot.

-- Lilly/Sadie/whatever
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