Foreign News Is No Longer Unfamiliar...

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 2:57PM : sounds a whole lot like homelandsecuritynews. After years of complaints that Americans seemed to have switched the rest of the world off and cared only for what took place in their country...there are reporters galloping all over the MidEast bringing us all sorts of news...and it looks pretty much the same as what we'd get from a Hollywood studio, or news room.

The same people who brought you "diversity through sameness"..."insight through bewilderment"...have brought us the World..."As YOU Want To See It"!!!

They go to the "right" places...ask the "right" people the "right" questions...skip all the wrong stuff...then wrap up with a "commenraty"...and before you know what hit us we want to go kill someone and her children...cause it all makes so much SENSE now.

They've been doing it all along with the homegrown stuff...saw that we swallowed it...and now give us "the World".

-- pancho
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