Bravo To aina...the black eye of assyria

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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 3:30PM :

...From somewhere they've found the resolve, the courage, the sheer guts to allow people to view their forum. They still keep out the riff raff...but at least they allow themselves to be SEEN.

Used to be I coluldn't even view the bored...couldn't drag them over kicking and screaming to our place where we could have our way with them, and their own gutlessness kept them from daring a response. They effectively blocked off access from all Kinkos in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas....following my route to Mexico as I drove. I get in once from the Napa County Library system and even posted...before they shut out that county-wide system. I was on my way to the California State University library system to get those all shut out as well. Next I was going to conquer the world.

No wonder it's so easy to unnerve Assyrians...take away their candy, their lunch money, their country, their pride etc. All you'd have to an arena filled with people from all over the world, to identify the Assyrians, is yell over the speaker system..."FRED PARHAD POSTED"...and you could count the bodies, jaws and balls drop.

Grat Peepil indeed. But that was aina has bravely gone where no one would go...they have found courage from the depths of their quaking souls...somewhere down in a corner they hadn't looked before... like a dime, or two bits, you found in an obscure pocket while washing yourself out one day. Wherever they got it from...and no matter how quickly it disappears...I just want them to know we recognize true Christian Assyrian courage when we see it.

Kudos to you Kruds.

-- pancho
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