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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 13, 2003 at 4:36PM :

The Supreme Court justice led a march then gave a talk about how we need god back in public life. He can be in public all he wants to...god I's keeping him out of Government that's the whole point.

Conservatives have little tricks...they work for the short haul because we're too stupid to look down around our ankles where these guys scurry around. They invented "Cultural Humanism"...which was any intellectual outlook that didn't accept the bible and its bloodbaths. Then they started crying, "liberal Press" till we believed we had one...when every indicator showed just the opposite...they took after the NEA on the grounds of bad art when it was publicly funded radio and TV they were really after...then there were judges "soft on crime"...when they were also soft on ripping apart the Constitution...which was the real obstacle for Religion Inc...and then there was the "chasing out of god and religion and Christianity"...the awful acts "against" free Christian expression...when in reality we can't get away from the damn thing and the air waves have more preachers than whores.

It's their way of deploring what ISN'T taking place...quite the a way to make sure it grows even more, by making the rest of us feel slightly guilty that we're the cause of a lack of fairness in the press...that we allow rapists to thrive...that we are against little baby Jesus and have been driving him out of our country and hearts and schools and boardrooms and bedrooms.

Religion has just about succeeded in taking over the government...and has done so by wailing about how it was being forced into a corner...shut up and locked away by all sorts of rules and restraints...when if anything it has been bowling over the Constitution and us for decades.

As I watch actors and writers speak openly on the few places they're allowed, look at pornography in TV and advertisements, watch skin-headed, tatooed "free" and "wild" the impression that America is a free and wild and wide open society...I can't help but remember that Berlin was just such another den of freedom of iniquity...right before the Nazi Christians rose up in righteous wrath to purify society...when their goal all along was something quite different.

The White Man is making his last stand...or he sees it that way. The Darkies are flooding into "his" country...they're coming across the borders, legally and illegaly...soon southern border states will near a majority of Brown people...and the Yellow Horde is gaining on the Pacific...weird religions like Islam are growing at home...attracting even white traitors, of all things...and the 1.7 billion Muslims world wide might well converge on America...coming in and breeding...and white women can be such boring fucks...and those warm, oily and gooey Darkies breed and breed and hump and bump...and if you look down the road...the long GOD...Darkies everywhere...marrying your daughters...bedding your wives and mothers and sisters.


Erase the Infamy! It's BACK!

-- pancho
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